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  1. i purchased a battery tray apron support panel from postaldan514 on Ebay. It is very well made and is almost (or is) an exact copy of my original. The price US$35) was great. We could not make one of this quality for this price. Shipping to Australia was no problem.
  2. When i bought my car the center gauges had been removed and a standard center panel installed. This was due to the right hand drive conversion. Apparently the choice was no gauges or gauges angled to the left which you can't see properly. After numerous phone calls to conversion and parts people I found that no one actually produced a panel with the gauges angled to the right and you had to make your own. My car did not even have any after market temperature or oil pressure lights fitted. The old girl never overheated, even on long trips to off road racing tracks up north. I purchased a s
  3. I have found that there are two fractionally different sizes. Old cigarette lighters appear to be a different size to the modern 12v outlet. I have found, while working in a car yard that most accessories can be adapted to fit the old style lighter.
  4. G'day and welcome from south Australia. Mike
  5. I find he new layout easy to use and very easy to find things. Stay safe and well. thanks, Mike
  6. Cheers for that, I have had them on my "wish list" at NPD for a while and have now put them on back order. Regards, Mike
  7. Thanks for the info, I have been looking for ages for this and thought I would have to make one. This saves a lot of time. Great price and postaldan514 delivers to Australia. Ordered the part today. cheers, Mike
  8. G'day, I have a 1973 convertible that was converted to RHD many years ago. I was wondering if Mach 1 carpets fit the convertibles as I require a heel pad on the right hand side.
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