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  1. Ram air hood springs are now in stock at NPD. Part No:16789-5A. It must be Mustang Christmas.
  2. i would like to buy a complete tilt steering column for a 1973 mustang. Must be willing to ship to South Australia. I have now purchased one from this site thanks to Diesel Dave and Mike from Mustang Motor City.
  3. Thanks for the response Dave. If you change your mind, contact me please.
  4. Where did you buy it from? I am looking at one for my car and yours looks like a very neat install.
  5. Logged in to Google but no picture +1. Now that I've seen it I'm left speechless that some one would have the audacity to try and sell it. WOW!
  6. I received an email back from NPD. The delay is due to manufacturing problems winding the flat spring. They are trying to resolve this and will let me know when it is resolved so that they can fill my back order.
  7. Has anyone heard how NPD are going with the production of their hood springs to suit our ram air hoods?
  8. Good looking car. Welcome from South Australia.
  9. I would definitely buy my car again. It's a great cruising car and there seems to be less of them around compared to the 60's Mustangs. I wouldn't mind a 71/2/3 Mach 1 as well, but having just started restoring this one I can't see that happening any time soon.
  10. I bought the invoice for my car and feel that it is a nice piece to have. The prices are interesting and it is a one off piece just for your car.
  11. The dash is black but this car is converted to right hand drive, I have a non factory steering wheel fitted. I have seen a photograph of this colour carpet on a blue car with white seats but there was no mention of what colour it was. I am leaning towards black. Thanks for all the input.
  12. Does anyone know how to find out the original carpet colour for a 1973? The only information I have is that they were "color keyed". Car colour is Blue Glow (3K) and interior is white (CW).
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