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  1. The frame mounts in the pictures are 73 Hardtop/Fastback mount. It is easy to tell a 73 mount does not have a lip on it like the 71-72 mounts do. Furthermore, it is shorter than the 73 convertible mounts. Usually, you will have an engine alignment issue where the engine may be off center and/or tilted slightly. This usually causes the fan to scrap the shroud and may even create a transmission alignment issue. If you have none of these issues then just go to Napa and buy a new 71-72 mount for $30. This will help you.... Thanks for that info too, I've just looked at my fan shroud and sure enough its well scraped as the fan is sitting low! My brackets def look like the 73 ones as no lip as per your pictures. As i can't find any 73 mounts look like i am going to get some Prothane 71/72 mounts and look for the correct brackets to suit. My questions now is where can i get the correct frame brackets as uk breaker yards would be no use at all. Were they ever reproduced? Lets hope the extra lift of the engine is not going to affect other related parts like my hookers/stainless system etc as my cutouts are all squeezed under there too. i apologise for all the questions and really appreciate all the responses to them chris :thankyouyellow:
  2. Looks odd, my left perch looks like the 73 one but with a 72 mount?
  3. Just snapped a pic of other side and the mounts
  4. Great info thanks, I’ll go and look at the perches and the other side now
  5. Hi all, I’ve heard that 73 is an odd year for engine mounts. One of my mounts has separated between the rubber and the metal part so need to replace it. Having seen previous posts regarding 73 I was hoping to find a number on mine when I removed it to try and identify whether someone has previously changed out the 73 mounts for something more available (pref upgrade too). The car was restored a few years ago in Canada so anything’s possible. I’ve take down a few pictures of the mount now it’s out but can’t see any numbers on it! Can’t anyone help identify it or advise on what to measure etc to do so, thanks in advance .! ....now to try and attach pics ?
  6. i know that car it came from nova scotia canada Yep that’s the one! Looked a little different then!
  7. HI everyone, I purchased my 73 Sportsroof last summer and while working my way through the car sorting various issues google has often directed me here for many answers to many questions so I though it was time to sign up and say Hi and thanks for helping me though the trickier bits. I’m in England so please forgive me if I ask the odd silly question but I don’t have the resources here that you probably do so sometimes need to think outside the box to get round issues. My car is a 73 Non-Mach 1 car! Just a lowly sportsroof but was restored during 2016 in Canada with many Mach 1 parts and a well built original engine now with 4v heads and other goodies, original c6 which I plan to change for a 5 speed manual in time. You may have seen the car before on here as I’m sure the builder frequented here too! Chris
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