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  1. Thanks I'll need all the luck I can get. Definitely the biggest automotive project I have taken on. But since it is for me it's just an investment of time, and money, lots of money :)
  2. Just pulled it off today, starts with a 1 and numbers match.... there is an ugly weld just in front of the tower so looks like the frontend had some work done at some point at a minimum.
  3. Thanks Jeff73Mach1, Title is in my name and matches the VIN plate and sticker so should be good there. Picked it up from a salvage yard so had to title it in my name out the gate.
  4. Thanks Pegleg, Planning to use the project as a restomod excuse to burn some time on the weekends.
  5. I see what you are referring to, pardon my ignorance.
  6. Hi Fabrice, Rear bumper is the 71/72 style mount with a bushing between the mount and frame.
  7. The plate and door jam sticker indicate 71. I have to pull the fender to verify that one. New to Ford's but I thought the mounting from the 71 & 73 bumper were different?
  8. Hello Everyone. Just joined but have been looking over the forums and found a lot of great info. I picked up my Mustang project a few months ago and look forward to having a chance to work on her. Title has her as a 71 but the front end suggests 73, still need to pull some panels, do some research and see what's up.
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