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  1. I have a Quick jack and I am generally pretty happy with it. I have learned a couple of things using it that will become second nature with use. First never stack the rubber blocks. Use either the tall or the short ones but not both. When raising the car make sure it is in neutral because it is a radial lift and in the first few inches of lifting it will shift on the frame if the car can't roll forward. Make sure both lift frames are parallel to each other and positioned identically on each side of the car. Even though the car is quite sturdy on this lift I will still put a couple of Jack stands loosly under the axles just so that I feel safer. (I did have my car fall off the hoist when I first got it but that was all my fault for not reading the directions :) )
  2. Thanks for the unofficial welcome. Found this forum looking for some info on a project and have been lurking for a while.
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