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    1973 Mustang Convertible 351 2V, Blue Glow, CA emissions test, select-o-shift AT, instrumentation group, 5 F70x14 wide oval BSW white letters tires, convenience group, ps, tilt, leather wrapped steering wheel, console, deluxe bumper group, select aire AC, AM/FM, decor group, color keyed racing mirrors, tinted windows, pw, forged alum wheels. Bone stock survivor, 27,000 AZ car bought from original owner, that was delivered to a LA dealership in CA.


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    Mid-coast Maine
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  1. delewarebill, Ive heard you take a big chance on the ebay "kits" and that specific brand names are important to stick to. Did you have good experience with ordering from ebay? Great Looking car btw!
  2. I was so disappointed your pics aren't available. I realize the is a a 10 year old post, but I was hoping to get an idea on doing my suspension. Sounds like you did a great job!
  3. Welcome from Maine! Good to see another convertible!
  4. 1973 Mustang Convertable 76D. Direct from the original window sticker: 351 2V H code, FMX AT, Blue glow 3k, CA emission, instrument group, 14" wide oval white letters, convenience group, PS, tilt, leather wrapped steering wheel, console, deluxe bumper group, AC, AM/FM, decor group, color racing mirrors, tint, PW, aluminum wheels as well as matching pony floor mats. When I got it, it still had the original spare tire in it. (I'd still have it but a tire shop mistakenly discarded it.) The car was bought from the original owner in AZ about three years ago and I shipped it to Maine when
  5. Nice looking car, love the black top. My white one is going away....
  6. Welcome from Mid Coast Maine. Just about as far from AZ as I could get and still speak English! That is a fantastic looking car. Love how clean it is! Welcome!
  7. Welcome from Maine. Good looking vert! Love the black on black.
  8. Yes its quite the change. I grew up in CT and MA so New England was always home. I moved to AZ for work but always yearned to come back. Interestingly enough I have adjusted well to winter living except wearing my shorts and flip flops well into snow season! The car was bought new from a well to do couple that had their main residence in CO and wintered in AZ, we call them snowbirds. The mustang spent its whole life in the condo garage in AZ as their grocery getter and an occasional trip south to Mexico. I have most of the repair slips from the same garage that did most of the maintenan
  9. Welcome from Mid Coast Maine! Good luck with your Stang!
  10. I checked my production numbers and it was a 1973 only thing. As you mentioned, for 1973 Mustang production, Ford placed both the FMX and C-6 transmission behind the H code 351-2V motor. Interesting side-note: for 1973 only - there were no H code 3 speed manual transmission cars. The 1973 production numbers break out like this: Hardtop 8,797 FMX 2,350 C-6 Grandé 10,799 FMX 3,816 C-6 Sportsroof 3,392 FMX 958 C-6 Mach 1 15,328 FMX 5,347 C-6 Convertible 2,984 FMX 1,957 C-6 It might have been a supply issue or maybe an engineering change
  11. Rackerm Thank you. It also has an interior package that I haven't been able to identify yet. I assumed my car had an FMX from what I had read, but now from what you've said, I want to confirm what it has. I will get some pics of the floor mats as soon as I can. You've got a beautiful car, love the color!
  12. Hello! What a great Forum. I moved from Arizona to Maine a couple of years ago and brought my 1973 Mustang convertible, 351C 2V, AT, PS, PW, AC, tilt, aluminum wheels, original floor mats bought from the original owner in Arizona and has less than 27,000 miles. Its an unmolested bone stock condo find (similar to a barn find!) and still has all the original smog equipment. My plan is to keep it mostly stock, perhaps some performance mods. Looking forward to meeting you all.
  13. Not a T5 has a valid point. While the shop may install it, if there is an issue now or later... There is a good chance the installer will blame the manufacturer, the manufacturer will blame the installer. In either case... it becomes your problem. If the installer supplies and installs the top, they have to make it right. Just something to consider. If an installer is not going to warranty their labor while agreeing ro use your supplied top, then go somewhere else. The stock type roofs all install the same way. My installer had no problem with it. Good advice
  14. "The vinyl boot cover matched the interior carpet color, ie blue carpet then blue cover." I'm not so sure this is an accurate statement... Could it be that the boot matched the seat and dash color?
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