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  1. I have a 73 with stock power disc setup (disc front/rear drum). On my 72 I had the same, but wanted discs all around so I had a popular conversion done on the back (search on the “Explorer rear disc conversion”). The rear discs function well, were not very expensive, and look nice through my rims... but they don’t really make a massive difference in performance over my 73 to be honest. As muscle cars I have experience with go, the stock power disc/drum setup on ours is actually pretty good. A big step up from my 67 Camaro’s 4 wheel manual drums I can tell you that! If I we
  2. Awesome car and you definitely came to the right place. My 72 would not have been possible without all the knowledge offered by the folks on here. Welcome from NC.
  3. I have a dad cut from the same cloth, believe me! Takes a lot to get him to do anything different than he always has. And I’m not trying to get in your business. I just know some of the modern paint chemicals are pretty high-stakes if you breathe them in, so I am a little paranoid about it.
  4. Welcome from a fellow vert owner in NC, USA!
  5. Going to look very cool and distinctive. Kudos for your continued progress, and the bold color choice. Great job keeping the momentum going and looks like great work. I am very excited for you for the day you get to fire it up. —————— Hope you don’t take offense brother... I don’t like to get in other people’s business... but I sure wish the guy spraying wore a respirator. I am pretty old school and get-er-done myself but the Lord only gives us one set of lungs. Sorry for the unsolicited advice but there are too many cautionary tale examples. ————— Now back to drooling o
  6. 17X8 for me. I think many different wheels look great on our cars. It’s very hard to choose. I put some Bullitts from the late 90s/early 2000s on mine as placeholders during the build because they were very cheap on craigslist. Once I painted the car I kinda liked them so I just left them. If I decided to stop being cheap I’d probably get these: http://www.etmags.com/lt_iii.html I’d personally get 17s for the front and 18s for the rear if buying new.
  7. Had an acquaintance from work buy a 1969 Mustang from one of those classic car resellers with a big web presence in the Atlanta-area location. Almost the same exact story as David’s above. Car looked pretty decent superficially. Nothing lined up very well but appeared to be a cool looking driver. When he got it shipped to him he discovered that it was literally unsafe to drive. The floors were just skim coated and there was severe rust in the structure. Corners cut on lots of critical items. Oddly enough it did have a pretty nice drivetrain. He honestly should have just scrapped it
  8. Supercool car, brother. Glad to hear you want to keep it. I have 2 verts myself and I never tire of looking at them.
  9. Congratulations on taking possession. Going to be a great car (already looks a lot better than my 72 when I picked it up). Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  10. Very cool car! Welcome to the site and congratulations on your purchase. Man, do I like the mach 1 bumper on a yellow car!
  11. Wow; that looks like it will be really awesome. Can’t wait to see it complete. I’ll be anxious to hear about the coyote swap. I thought about it myself but man they aren’t cheap. I am considering trying one of the Godzilla engines in a Full-size Bronco (I am probably being a wuss but am a little more comfortable with a pushrod engine as a recovering Chevy guy). I am surprised I haven’t seen one in a classic Mustang. Anyway, very cool progress pics and am very happy for your progress brother.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving and God bless to you as well.
  13. Great looking car. Welcome from NC. Always cool to see more convertibles!
  14. Welcome from NC from me as well! Cool cars!
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