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  1. For what it’s worth, there are still young car guys out there who love that stuff. My son is 13 and loves 50s cars. His favorite car of all time is a late 50s Edsel Villager. I told him he can have my 73 Mustang convertible to learn to work on; he likes it and works hard but his real love is the 50s stuff. I don’t know where he gets it myself... I dig 50s stuff okay but I think cars reached peak coolness with late 60s/ early 70s American muscle. Anyway, your cars sound really cool man! Can’t wait to see how your vert project turns out.
  2. If I understand your question correctly (not sure I do), no. There is a raised surround on the panel then the taillight housing. Here’s mine; I blacked out my panel to mimic a Boss look and painted the outer chrome ring on the light housing to deemphasize the trapezoid shape that I don’t love. But because of that you can kinda see the relief of the parts that you are asking about.
  3. Definitely partial to NACA/NASA hood myself. I think the actual shaker is a little small on a 69/70 (no offense to anyone; I just prefer the scoop in those years) and would be really small-looking on our body style’s giant hood. I don’t think they make repro flat hoods to cut in any case. The big question is whether to do a Boss or Mach 1 blackout on a NACA hood! I couldn’t decide so I have the big boss rectangle on my gray car and the mach 1 on the yellow!
  4. Thanks! Yep, they are 99-04 Bullitt rims. I actually got them as a placeholder because when I got the car it was a rusty basketcase with several different wheel types on it and I couldn’t decide which of those was the ugliest. The Bullitts are dirt cheap on craigslist around here, often with tires on them, so I grabbed a pristine set and threw them on. Anyway, once I got the car painted those placeholder wheels really grew on me and I just left them on there. I really like the Cougars in our years. I occasionally dream of getting one, putting a slightly raked stance to give it a bit
  5. Welcome from NC! Very cool car brother.
  6. Welcome from NC. Congratulations on the great car!
  7. Lazarus

    Mustangs Plus

    I’ve used them before. Their super starter suspension kit worked for my 72 and my buddy’s 69. I found them pretty helpful. But that was all before Wu-2K. I hope they’re still in business.
  8. Welcome from North Carolina, USA. Great looking 73!
  9. Congratulations on finding your project! I hope all goes smoothly and it gives you joy both in the journey of making the improvements and the fun of driving it around.
  10. Welcome from North Carolina, USA.
  11. Kinda partial to Ford Magnetic Metallic myself, which I have on my 72, but the yellow on my 73 turns a lot of heads.
  12. Thanks very much. I am really pleased with it. I really like the pewter color in our years but I wanted something a little darker. I did a lot of research, looking at some Ferrari and Toyota colors but ultimately liked the modern Ford Magnetic Metallic best. It is dark enough without losing the contrast of the dark grille, and I really like how it has just a hint of copper flake in it. I like these Mustangs in all the colors I’ve seen, honestly. I am surprised by how much I like them in different greens for example. I have a 73 in yellow that’s really cool. I love them in white, silve
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