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  1. Lazarus

    Mustangs Plus

    I’ve used them before. Their super starter suspension kit worked for my 72 and my buddy’s 69. I found them pretty helpful. But that was all before Wu-2K. I hope they’re still in business.
  2. Welcome from North Carolina, USA. Great looking 73!
  3. Congratulations on finding your project! I hope all goes smoothly and it gives you joy both in the journey of making the improvements and the fun of driving it around.
  4. Welcome from North Carolina, USA.
  5. Kinda partial to Ford Magnetic Metallic myself, which I have on my 72, but the yellow on my 73 turns a lot of heads.
  6. Thanks very much. I am really pleased with it. I really like the pewter color in our years but I wanted something a little darker. I did a lot of research, looking at some Ferrari and Toyota colors but ultimately liked the modern Ford Magnetic Metallic best. It is dark enough without losing the contrast of the dark grille, and I really like how it has just a hint of copper flake in it. I like these Mustangs in all the colors I’ve seen, honestly. I am surprised by how much I like them in different greens for example. I have a 73 in yellow that’s really cool. I love them in white, silver, burgundy, red, black, blue, etc. There are just certain models of cars to me where the colors seem to make more difference than others, each bringing out different aspects of the car. Our Mustangs are one of those cars I think. For example, I think red on the car looks a little “classier” (obviously not a bad thing), the gray or black makes it a little more edgy and muscle car to me. Certain colors make the car look longer to me, and certain ones really bring out the lines. I’d have 20 of them if I could.
  7. Welcome from NC. Always glad to see another convertible!
  8. Welcome from NC. Sweet car!
  9. That is an extremely cool ride. I wouldn’t change a single thing about the look if it were me. Nice score!
  10. Welcome from NC. Nice car!
  11. Funny how we love these old movies and TV shows which feature - and more often than not destroy - awesome muscle cars. I was watching Cobra the other night and the second half features a 73 Mustang vert driven by Stalone’s partner. Hadn’t noticed that when I was younger.
  12. I agree. I’ve seen them painted (well and not so well) and for what it’s worth (admittedly not much) I prefer them applied, not painted, because I like them as a matte finish. Having a matte hood and shiny, clear coated stripes looks muddled to me. Painting them flat is just asking for maintenance trouble; in fact, if it was just a little more practical in the NC sun, I would prefer the hood blackout in matte vinyl also, as the matte paint can be tricky to maintain. I suppose I wouldn’t feel quite as strongly on shiny argent accents, but something about the matte black looks so cool to me and so “muscle car”. That said, to each his own, and if you like them shiny then go for it; it’s still going to look amazing. If you go the paint route, I’d recommend just buying the stripe kit and using it as a reverse template. One of the issues I saw in the painted stripes was that it’s actually hard to keep a steadily decreasing width as they go back. I have seen them where they sorta wobble in width as they go back. Using the decal will at least keep them the right shape and then you just worry about position.
  13. That thing is fantastic. My son really loves station wagons. He wants an Edsel but maybe I can talk him into one of these.

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