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  1. They look really good. That particular wheel is very cool; modern performance with an aesthetic that has classic muscle-car DNA. Great choice.
  2. Great to see the little guy. One thing my pastor always quoted to new parents that I’ll pass on: “the days are long but the years are short.” Now with a 15 and 14 year old I am shocked how right he was. The progress on the car is awesome!
  3. I guess I am in the minority here, but I am a fan of media blasting. Not sand, but plastic media. It in no way heats up the panels and when my 67 Camaro got finished there were still pencil marks left over from the factory on the body panels. It literally just took the paint. It was pretty cheap where I had mine done, but that was some time ago. Obviously if you are going to go the full way with dipping, that’s very cool too; I am not badmouthing it in any way. But I do think it’s more expensive than media blasting to do it right. I have seen improperly neutralized cars have acid leak from seams years later and destroy great paint jobs, so be sure to verify they know their stuff and have adequate steps to eliminate the acid. If everything is done correctly though, and the car is dipped in an epoxy primer at the end, it is very cool to know that all your panels are covered every which way for rust protection - inside and out. I am thinking of the cowl and rockers specifically. If you are replacing a bunch of stuff anyway though, I’d be strongly tempted to just media blast, and make sure insides of replacement panels are covered properly. Just my opinion.
  4. Mine was named Lazarus because it was raised from the dead.
  5. Dude, that is a great video! Thanks for sharing.
  6. That’s really great man! Congratulations; you must be pretty pumped!
  7. Congratulations and God bless!
  8. Horsin’ Around, that looks cool! I like it a lot but perhaps the crease between the scoop and the valence could be a little higher? Maybe it’s just that the extended (forward and downward) meatiness of the valence makes the bumper look a tad small to my eye. Then again, the valence may seem more retracted once the fender extensions are on. I really, really like the continuity of the fender flare into the scoop. I think if you drew the vertical cardboard piece back a tad it would be perfect. That said, I know that it’s just a sketch over the mockup and actually making the piece would probably draw that crease up as you make the scoop sweep upward. Cool idea on the flow from wheel opening to the scoop. Makes my stock scoop look disjointed now!
  9. I believe that, yes, the inner plane (on your pic, it is the horizontal surface from 0-2.5” of your tape) is supposed to be black. If you search images of Mustang ads for 1973, they all are black there. At least, most of them appear to have been. There are some real experts on here that can tell us whether any came without the black-out there... maybe the custom color cars with argent bumpers or something? But at any rate, it should help your issue. I used a rustoleum black trim and bumper paint that looks great and has held up very well. I think I used an adhesion promoter first, after degreasing the surface.
  10. I don’t think that would really work. If the bumper support is swelling out a bit, you can key-out the holes at the frame a little to get it back to stock, but we are talking like an 1/8 to a 1/4 of an inch, again, just to get back to stock. The limiting factor in going further is the side wrap-arounds, as well as the thin flat surface that is supposed to line up as a crease with the face of the fender extension. I think that If you went too far in, it would give the fender extensions an “overbite”, and the wrap around vinyl bumper sides would start to go over the groove at the fender and peel outward. It may help your eye if you paint the inner, lower plane near the grille flat black, which I believe was stock. I did this when I changed my grille to the 71/72 (see pics before and after).
  11. I have them, and I love them. They are awesome. Now that you mention it though, my rear passenger side outer wheel well does have a little tab at the bottom, where it meets the quarter; it gets in the way a bit, but the guards still fit and work fine.
  12. +1 on the warning about the high volume pumps. In the past, I assumed more is better on oil pressure and had problems. I get trying to head off potential issues but just know it’s not all upside. Too much pressure can hurt also; it can lead to lots of leaks, screw up the filter, or starve parts of the engine. You clearly know what you are doing, so take my advice with a grain of salt... but I did regret a high volume pump in an otherwise amazing build.
  13. I work very hard so that the government can take half and pay people to sit on their couch and complain about imagined slights on social media.
  14. The NASA hood is my favorite, but I also like the Plymouth hood from the 73 roadrunner/Satellite Sebring Plus, the Boss 429 hood (wouldn’t look so large on our hoods I think), or that of a 69 XR7, which seems to split the difference between the small and big black 69/70 Mustang hood. Also love a C2 Vette big block hood. Also seen on Camaros.
  15. Personally, I think the magnums are a little more timeless, whereas the cragars are perhaps a tad more dated. Not necessarily “bad” dated; still very classic, but sort of a period-correct mod. Just my .02.
  16. Very informative video below: https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=UUYa8RloDs5J8xltL9ZMMB-A&v=ky8hWXTGSKw Has anyone tried the rebuild kits with the zerk fittings? Link looks like 69/70 but site has them listed for 71-73. https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/store/p/16275-Rebuild-Kit-Door-Hinge-Repro-1969-1970-Mercury-Cougar-/-1969-1970-Ford-Mustang-clone.html?sessionthemeid=26
  17. The car looks fantastic brother, and I am very glad to hear the missus is doing well.
  18. Glad your dog is feeling better. We’ve been through it with our pets as well. One time a vet actually put one on a hen we had, who kept pecking at an injury on her back. Their heads are smaller than their neck so the vet flipped the cone around and made straps at the wide end to loop around the hen’s legs! Again, looking forward to seeing your project advance!
  19. Shows how much I know. Had no idea the high pinstripe was stock. I like it; really accentuates the quarter for me. David, I’ve always liked your vinyl top in the pictures, very much. I get what you’re saying about the water, but my cars tend to see rain regularly, as I have always used them to some extent as drivers. It’s why I don’t buy rare option codes. I’ve had my eye on a 73 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus for a while. Kinda in the mood for a bulky 70s Mopar. If I buy it, I will likely mod it a great deal, and yes, I am considering a textured paint to mimic the vinyl so I don’t have to worry about water and condensation under the vinyl.
  20. By the way, looks like your dog also has a vinyl top!
  21. Welcome from NC. Glad to have you! I personally dig the Grandes because of the vinyl top (though I might be tempted to just use a textured paint combined with the trim to achieve the effect with less long term rust). Since you asked for ideas, there’s one I liked a lot... I am not usually a pinstripe guy, but I saw a picture of a Grande with a little pinstripe that really helped define the quarter panel for me (see below). I think that treatment with a bit more of a raked stance looks amazing. Anyway, I look forward to seeing your progress.
  22. My favorite tweet about ‘Merica ever:
  23. That is the the same design as the Addco 996. Very curious if you like the performance of it..?
  24. For what it’s worth, the 996 model (the design for those not originally equipped with the rear bar) goes straight across frame to frame without the “humps”. Don’t know if that would be better for your exhaust fit or not. I couldn’t find pictures or video online of the 996, but here is a video somebody posted of the 995, which is the same design but with measurements for a 68 Cougar: After talking with Addco, I went with the 996 instead of the factory style replacement, for two reasons: 1.) I really wanted a 3/4” bar. Everything I have read on bar choice recommends a stiffer bar in the front than rear, in our type of bar that (mostly) means a thicker one up front. My front bar is an inch - and I really like it - but the Addco factory-style rear bar at 7/8” was too close for me. 2.) my exhaust routing in between the frame rails, and brake line routing and rear disc spacing worried me. If someone is getting the factory style bar, they should consider that it might make wider aftermarket wheels or rear disc conversions a little more complicated. Might not in all cases of course, but it looked like it would have with mine (I have later model Bullitt wheels and an Explorer rear disc setup). I haven’t installed my 996 yet (have spent my recent weekends building a farm fence), but I did torment myself about which rear bar to use. I wasn’t thrilled with the 996’s mount on the spring but have not heard of any issues with it. As touched on in other posts (and this is more for people searching these threads in the future), there is another type of design (see below) where the sway bar outer mounts are to the frame and the inner ones are on the axle. I ruled this out as I was worried about my brake lines along the axle interfering with the mounts on the axle, and had heard that those mounts can rotate on the axle if not welded.
  25. I have them in my 73 (bought that one first). Decided against them on my 72. I REALLY like the look, especially on the boss blackout (which my 72 does have)... But they are a bit finicky and you have to adjust them just right or they cause a valley around them on that long hood. It makes a sort of halo around them in the light. The area they go on is not very strong. For what it’s worth, the latch already has a safety catch, so they aren’t terribly necessary. I have heard of guys disabling them and just having the upper part to get the look without the hassle. I was actually kinda tempted to do that; it’s no different than my fake ram-air vents I guess. In the end I decided to forgo them. That said, I remember one of the members did add them after paint with excellent results, and documented it. I bet if you do a search you can find the thread. Lastly, I read an article once where a guy recessed them, which maybe helps with the valley... not sure but it looks very cool. I saved the picture of it, I liked it so much:
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