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  1. Hood is sold was picked up today... Thanks again
  2. I am about 2 hours away, so if you still have it, I would be interested. Could use it for my daughters 73. The hood is still available.
  3. I'll retake pictures tomorrow with my other cell phone and reload them.
  4. Hood is in really good shape, I have sold will not be using it on the coupe. When I complete an engine for the coupe it will likely be blown. I would like to sell the hood for $275.00 and that is you coming to pick it up. I'll post two photos of the hood, no holes in this hood and is ready for a final block and paint. Thanks
  5. I would possibly be interested in one of the front bumpers if you have one available.
  6. Looking at the yellow one and you see the grille and think nope its a fastback, then you see the bumper and think maybe it is a Mach 1? I don't know what it is but that bumper with the standard grille just looks tacky to me. The green Mach1 is beautiful and if it looks that great from 2 feet away worth getting.
  7. Did the NASA hoods really weigh more than a stock hood, what if you don't have ram air? I'd assume that you'd only need the flat springs if you added a NASA hood and had the ram air as well.
  8. Do you have a set availible without the rotors, I know I'm about a week late but you can never tell. Also my shipping area is 44826, usually the US post office is always cheaper on postage than Fedex or UPS.
  9. Do you still have the rear honeycomb panel and two chrome trim strips availible and if you do how much?
  10. I have a 6 pt. cage in the 72 I own, it was a custom job and done very well. I understand about climbing over it, but it truly is the proper way to strengthen the car, I've also connected the frame rails. Using the stock bucket seats, I'll have to purchase a removable steering wheel possibly to replace the odd looking small steering wheel that is in the car, that is only if it is a safe and legal thing to do. I will try and take some photos for you in the next couple days.
  11. Hello all, I'm looking to purchase the scoop inserts for the NASA hood I recently picked up at an auction. Has anyone purchased the the Repro scoops yet, I see used ones on Ebay that cost as much or more then a set of new ones. I know most times original is best, but if new has a good fit and ready for paint I might go in that direction.
  12. 1971 Sportsroof F code 1973 coupe F code Here's a question for someone, the 73 was Aqua with a white vinyl top and plenty of chrome, standard interior, but not a Grande. I wonder how many coupes were made that were built like a grande without the deluxe seats and door panels and extra insulation?
  13. I installed a pair of Headman headers and a dual exhaust kit from Summit racing. It took an entire day to install everything, it wasn't the easiest install, but I completed it myself and was cheaper than using a muffler shop. I even ordered the stainless tips and welded them on after measuring a few times. If you are handy and have time, and want to stretch your money do it yourself. If you don't mind spending an extra 200 take it to a shop. Rims are always a hard choice to pick something you'll like and not regret later on, so if you must just wait until you are sure. I also purchased my magnums from Summit, it is hard to beat their prices. I just don't care for the center caps. (The push on style kinda suck).
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