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  1. Hi everybody, I am planning to add a chrome bumper to my 71 vert. I can buy the bumper from Mustangsunlimited , NPd and other vendors. But they do not carry the bumper brackets. There are brackets listed on ebay, title say LH, RH inner bracket. I need to know how many brackets I need for the front bumper to install correctly on the car and the hardware , fillers if any etc. from someone who know this subject. Any / all advice will be much appreciated. Thanx all in advance.
  2. Thanx Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs. I did respond to you with some details on the other posting you have an accident car for parts. Hope u see it and respond in kind. I know, I need to deal with some knowledgeable people to secure the correct parts. I talked several times with mustangsunlimited staff, but they seem clueless, at least the sales staff , I talked to. They are just waiting to get an order, collect money and ship , not there to help customers with selecting correct parts, I guess. Anyways, I am reading some info regarding the correct engine mount for different years and engines, though the ebay , amazon and other sellers do not really differentiate them, in my opinion. Anyways thanx again for your time in responding to my post and hoping , I could buy some parts from the accident car you have. Will get in touch wit NPD, National Parts Depot. Cheers.
  3. Hey, Thanx for the prompt response and advice. I have a shipper who will do the needful to get the items to Japan . ZIP - CA94080. I will pay you with paypal or bank transfer. I have been in touch with mustangsunlimited and their sales staff is just wasting my time and been of no help to secure a parts order - just happy to get their salary and go home , I guess. Also CJ pony is charging me sales tax for a order I made to CA from their CT store, and the sales tax comes only at last when you make the final payment option. I cancelled the order since, I can buy from sellers on ebay without sales tax. So if you can sell with no sales tax and for a reasonable price, we can do some business. Do you also have new items ? If have a website let me know, so that I can go thru. Basically, I need all parts for a full restoration, except the parts, i already bought from ebay sellers, summit, rockauto, mustangsunlimited, cjpony etc. I need the sheetmetal under the battery tray from you and some floor pan patch cutouts. I know they are cheap even new, but cost extra money to ship to Japan due to the oversize If you are able to just cut out what i need it will be good business for you and me , I guess. I also need both door panels, if they are still usable. You can show me the items thru Viber, whatsapp, skype if you hv these apps in your phone. I have a US and Japan cell no.s 81 80 8747 9849 give me a call. Cheers
  4. looking to buy some floor patch pc.s and metal under battery tray. Also will buy interior parts , shock tower brace, signal cam etc.. Let me know if have and possible to ship to CA94080. Thanx in dvance for a good deal. My car is a 71 conv. girl names that end in i Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the reply. What a shame, that mustang was beautiful. Bob It was a sad day when I picked it up. He ordered the car new, one owner, dated in the car got married in the car. He raised two boys in the car and they drove it in his funeral procession. One of the sons was out and someone ran into the rear and knocked it into another car. Had just had the top put on, had heads pulled and valve job, ceramic coated headers and dual Pypes stainless exhaust installed. It still rand and drove. Great parts car but not worth fixing. Was really rare MM did a center story about this model 351 2-V with three speed they only made 82 of them. Can you sell some sheet metal from thus accident car ? I need floor patch pc.s and metal under battery tray. Also will buy interior parts , shock tower brace, signal cam et.. Let me know. Cheers.
  6. Thanx Don C for taking the time to respond. Content well noted. Engine has a 2 barrel intake. As I wanted to order a rebuilt kit for the carb, Mike's Carbs told me the carb tab refers to a 351 engine. That was the first time, I had a hint, perhaps, the engine could be a 351. The Japanese reg. shows the engine capacity as 4.94 Ltr. (that is 302). LOL
  7. Thanx, for taking the time and content. So, I should assume the engine is a 73 351C that went into the car on a later stage. The car also has a factory functional RAM AIR hood with pins. Also a later addition , I guess, as the car was not a dealer import and date of first reg. in Japan is 1989. Also got the Mach1 and convert part clear.
  8. If you can arrange shipping to CA94080, will be happy to buy - will pay shipping extra.
  9. Hi Everybdy, I need comment from knowledgeable members on this issue pls.. VIN of my Mach1 convert is 1F03F172881,,,,casting no. of the engine behind the starter motor is D2AE-CA , casting date just below this casting no. is 3A15. What do you guys interpret from these actual data ? My understanding was I had a 1971 convert with a 302. Now seems like the engine is a 351 but the year of casting 72 and date of casting 73 from the research done on net. Below is one posting I found on net.. Your learned opinion is highly appreciated to resolve this issue. Thanx all the same, in advance. (PS: I believe I have read these no.s on block correctly, after taking several photos of them ) ================ D = the decade made "70's" 2 = year produced A = Ford or the Z= mustang E = engine part now after the dash is what makes a 2 bolt or 4 bolt main, since the 351c was only around for 4 years it makes it easy to read the codes: -D = 2 BOLT MAIN -C = 4 BOLT MAIN -A = 4 BOLT MAIN These codes tell you what you have so you don't have to drop the pan just to determine whether or not you have a 2 or 4 bolt main,I hope this helps you. IT LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVE A 4 BOLT MAIN.
  10. Those mags are Japanese made. Thanx for the input. Will look at those places to check what they offer.
  11. Sorry, I have to duplicate another posting - however as I am another buyer , I guess it is OK ??? I am n the market for a tire and rim package for my 71. I am looking at Magnum 500's 15x8 ( I guess) with BF Goodrich or any other brand with raised white letters. Any suggestions on a vendor,brand name, optimal size/s would be greatly appreciated. They will be shipped to S.F. and then to Japan with other parts. Hence, I will need to see good photos of what I am paying for. Can pay with Paypal or credit card over phone. Thanx in advance for any/all responses.
  12. Hi Everybody, Bought this 71 convert and planning to restore it to the best of my ability with every possible advise from others. In light of that we say in Japanes YOROSHIKU ONEGAISHIMSU. Will be posting for parts and other stuff in correct forums. Cheers or now.
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