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    1973 Mach 1 408c Twin turbo 4 speed
    1968 AMC AMX 390 4speed
    1931 chevy 5 window 351c pantera engine 5 speed
    1992 Dodge stealth RT twin turbo
    1995 jeep grand cherokee


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  1. Hi i need the frame pads for the motor mounts 71-2 only! Just recently found out that 73 has shorter frame brackets and i need the taller 71-72 ones.
  2. on an 8" you can get a socket and rachet on all the pumpkin bolts on a 9" you must use a wrench on the lower bolt due to the case design. An open carrier looks different the posi carrier. The bolt heads are recessed into the carrier on a posi not just sitting on top of a flange like on an open unit. In addition 28 spine axles interchange between 8 and 9 inch rears just a fun fact so save your axles when scrapping the old 8" 28 spline axles have a rectangle shape in the hub area 31 splines have 3 holes drilled ina strait line! easy way to tell without pulling the rear appart.
  3. I recpomend SEM trim black you can get rattle cans or get a quart and use the spray guy, shoo tit over epoxy for a nice finish.
  4. 04 cobra brakes were installed using a kit from vintage venom. Really nice parts, stopps wonderfuly.
  5. Hi Im new here! Ill throw up some pics later on, my car is a 1973 mach 408c with twin turbos nitrous a 4 speed 20004 cobra brakes riding on 17s with M&H 325 45 17 drag radials
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