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  1. Thanks for everyone’s input. I didnt end up purchasing this car.
  2. I received the Marti report for the 73. Other than the wheels and hood, as well as some of the engine bay changes, it seams to be correct from when it was built. I am still waiting for the car to come back from touch ups and upholstery to make a final decision. Stay tuned. Mark
  3. I understand and do appreciate the input He has the original owners contact info who I will be able to contact once the deal is completed. He already has a fair bit of info from them.
  4. I ordered the basic Marti report last night.
  5. I understand and do appreciate the input
  6. Thanks Don I’ll have to print this out. I am also lucking for a service manual as well.
  7. Thanks to all for your input and advice; I have been filled in on the history of this car. The family that bought it for their daughter for a well off family. While their daughter was away they had taken it out to be refreshed and had the idea of changing it to a 351. This is why the engine brace is there as well the undercarriage frame bracing was done. From what I understand Dad wanted to hot rod the car to which his daughter rejected this idea. I am told the original motor was rebuilt and returned back to the car. I am trying to confirm what was done. There has been a pre-oiling system added which I am not sure I will leave on. It was during this refresh that the hood and front fenders were changed. I have confirmed via the door sticker that the car was factory bronze metalic. The seats are original which are being redone due to a split in the drivers seat. They have a new set of ginger seat skins from NPD ready to go on. bmw x6m 0 60 During an under car inspection I noticed some flaking which appeared to be possible rust but couldn’t tell due to aftermarket undercoat. the car was sent out and had the entire undercarriage soda blasted and recoated. No rust was found and cleaned up nice. I should mention the dealer I am working with also handles our commercial account and wants to make sure the car is as I want. I am not looking for a correct car but more for a car I like and can drive during weekends to do who knows what....If I had a concours car I wouldn’t want it to leave my garage. That being said I have to commend those who do preserve the history of classic cars . Currently it is having a few paint touch ups done on the door edges where they have clipped something. Once the car returns and has the seats done I will return for a follow up inspection. I will keep you posted and until then may have further follow up questions Thanks again for the input Mark
  8. Hello All; I have been in the classic car world for a while. First car was a 59 Edsel which I replaced with a 57 Olds 98. I am currently working on a 52 GMC 1 ton pick up as a hobby build. I am currently looking to trade in my 57 Olds and 2008 Harley on a 1973 Mustang convertible, 302 V8, bronze metallic paint. It has 33000 documented miles. I am currently negotiating price and have also requested a few things dealt with. Once they are finished with the work will determine wether this happens. I am joining today to due some research through the forums. I am pretty sure that we will be closing the deal.
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