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  1. It's probably 1/8 size plastic replicate. LOL, Let's us know I've been wrong lots of times.
  2. I have the same thing going on it was the rear gasket on the intake manifold. It's original and believe it was cork material. Was gonna to replace just the intake gaskets but now I'm thinking I might have engine rebuild and the tranny. I'm keeping the car and nothing been done since it was built in 72.
  3. I have 72 vert. Mirror measures 4.5 inch from the chrome bottom edge to top of the mirror mount. Pic not great but might help. Distance was 24.5 inch from side to side, basically center
  4. Hello and welcome from Northeast PA. Nice car.
  5. My dash is black, the letters are black but edges are worn. There are two script style ' F 's before and after the Vin. The letters are raised and match the plate. I assume it was black but faded to maybe a funky grey. Ps. I know I'm grey!!
  6. I see you have all the correct tools !
  7. Vintage horns take more amps. There is 20A fuse in series. Make sure the wires are not rusted, broke and grounds are good. Maybe horn switch has some higher resistance and causing a voltage dip. Check voltages, etc. Non AC car horns should be ok. Not sure about fixing them.
  8. Update: Truss Bolt Replaced the busted handle today. #3 Phillips ratchet. PosiDrive bit might have worked on truss bolt but it was for a 1/4 ratchet and really needed a bit more torque. Peeling the roof corner required removing the 8" rubber - 3 screws, completely removed rear metal bracket holding the front rubber seal - 8 screws. Remove staples at the corner of the canvas about 4 inches and unclip tension wire. Tension wire really made the difference. Drill old rivet out holding roof latch to handle and replace with barrel bolt. Application of WD40 on assembly to loosen handle interconnect. New handle first, truss bolts, keep thin washer, washer keeps truss bolts from binding. Tape handle closed and replace the spring. Spring was a bit of a 'fuss' trying hook on the boss. Tack strip was beat and old used some fabric glue and staple back down. Had roof halfway up.
  9. Thank-you for the update. I listed the part numbers from WCCC needed to rebuild the shifter for others to use. I will double check this information once I rebuild mine. List does not include a NSS or pointer indicator. qty 1 - 14129 Bulb Type 1893 qy 1 - 15811 Light Blue Diffuser qty 1 - 20122 Bushings (pair) qty 1 - 41366 Light Shield qty 1 - 14248 Shifter Arm Seal qty 1 - 11295 Bushing & Insulator Kit qty 4 - 53205 Shifter flat nuts qty 1 - 41376 Cable access plug (Used)

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