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  1. Dude thank you for the instructions! I just saw this now, was dealing my brothers having a stroke and it slipped my mind. I might just have a shop do it!!

  2. Welcome and yep , I get it!!!
  3. Welcome from Northeast. PA.
  4. I did this repair this fall and have some photos. My plan was to write up a tutorial and post but did I do that nooooo.....I didn't. Just a quick summary: I sent you a PM with my number to explain what I did. I didn't need to peel back much of roof maybe 8 or 10 inches. 1. Remove the rubber strip near the handle. Think it has 3 or 4 screws and removed staples. 2. Pulled staples along the front of handle. Basically front section of roof. Think I needed to lift roof fabric to expose staples. 3. I undid the wire cable and keeper holding roof tight just above the passenger door glass. It fits into a little slot on the cert frame This relieves the tension of the canvas. 4. Also need to removed the rear holding metal strip at the back of the roof just below the rear glass. Metal band goes along the entire back of the car. About 10 screws. Once I removed that I undid about 8 inches of those staples along the passenger side. This loosen the roof more. 5. Needed to fight with the bolt holding the handle that looks like big torx but really isn't exactly. Think it was called posi-drive (someone on this site provided info) but ended up using a #3 or #4 phillips drive on a racket. 6. You'll need to remove rivets holding the handle and replace with a new rivets (I used something called a sex bolt or barrel bolt.) 7. Bought handle from and sprayed before installing. Using some aluminum etch spray before painting black. Again guidance from this forum. 8. A bought some cork strips to fill back with old rotten material that the stables get driven into. I borrowed an electric staple gun to replace. Mine were rusted and used very pointy needle nose pliers to get stables. 9. I used a glue to hold down new cork strips and roof fabric and then stabled. I'm no pro here but it worked and not having a roof handle sucks!!!
  5. I have an original white Vert and when compared to my wife's new white CRV in garage it does appear 'yellow.' course the lighting in garage is LED. I think another assessment would be needed in the sunlight. Just my opinion. Edit: Your creamy description would be better than yellow.
  6. Hi , Welcome from PA also and to the site.
  7. Just to add. I purchased the retro harness (non-guage) kit Don mentioned this summer and it worked out well. Just recheck the schematics because the new harness has different colored wires and boot covers on some of the connections.
  8. https://7173mustangs.com/forums/tutorials/category/3-electrical-lighting/ Also the link to electrical tutorials, Also check out the wiki page and you'll find electrical schematics. A bit hard to read factory schematics but also useful for other issues you might encounter. I printed them out and taped together to create a large schematic. https://7173mustangs.com/wiki/1973-mustangs/
  9. Hi , Never really find gumpy folks here. I belive you are going to need an external regulator. Here is link of block diagram. It might help. Folks on this site will provide more detail.
  10. Welcome from PA. Lived in Abq for 15 years.
  11. Very satisfying. What's wrong with me? Plenty!
  12. Nice car and welcome. I know Trappe well, grew up down the road.
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