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Bought car from  young girl  in 1975 for $3K. Think it had 30K miles on it.  351C 2V FMX trans with 2.75 diff.   Has AC 🙂  

It  was my first car and  drove it everyday  to school and work for years.  The picture on the cover page is shortly after I bought  and at my girlfriend's driveway to take her for a ride.  Now my wife all these years later.   The car was around the country while I moved  but for the last 25 years  it sat in my garage neglected  but not forgotten.   After I retired  I've been doing a rolling restoration.   I should have started  years before but.....  it basically  all original,  some interior fixes and a  new top 35 years ago, same engine,  it leaks  oil but so do I , it has some minor cluster lighting  issues.  AC does not work. Engine runs good and shifts good. Top works , radio, wiper , light work.    I replaced gas tank,  complete front end, tires , brakes ,battery, rebuilt carb , rebuild diff.  Still has same plugs and wires from who knows when.  Next is the engine oil leak,  replace roof handle, repair dash lights,  alternator wiring harness need fixing,  plug wires (LOL).

Update: 08/20/20

Got the oil leak fixed and idiot light and roof handle replaced.  Next are the rear springs and rebuilt the shifter assembly. 

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