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  1. Welcome from PA. Nice looking car. I could do red. Looks like you have not aged at all :) See what happens when you get a Vert !!!
  2. There are times when I have needed to search the 7173 site using google custom search option while on my mobile phone and not my laptop and I finally stumbled on how to do this. To use this on your mobile phone click on the three (3) short horizontal lines to the right of site logo and tag line "7173Mustangs.com" , then select Content you will see the Google Custom Search option. Very useful to refine your search.
  3. Welcome from PA, story sounds familiar:) Enjoy your new old car and I like the plan to restore back the old school parts.
  4. Welcome from PA. Beautiful car, I could do yellow!
  5. Welcome from PA. You have come to the right place. There are many excellent folks to help you. Lots of information on site already.
  6. Excellent ! I could watch this kind of stuff all day long. Beats out all the 'stupid' going on.
  7. Welcome from PA. Car looks nice.
  8. Hi, Looking to spruce up my front seats 'rear' plastic trim sections. They are really faded but in good shape, no dents or cracks. Trim is Black. I found this product on WCCC site - STEM Trim Black Paint 39143 . 1. Has anyone use this product? 2. How to pull the panels off without breaking them. Thanks
  9. Welcome from PA. Nice
  10. I spoke to these guys and they were very helpful a few months ago. I'm going with their standard spring with the 1 inch height option. I want my vert to be level. I did some measurements based on the Ford's spec's and I'm about 3/4 lower in the back.
  11. They didn't spell Cleveland correctly in multiple places including the intro . This is how the scam works. SCUMBAGS!! https://reportscam.com/automall-onlinecom?page=2
  12. Like it! Welcome from Northeast, PA
  13. A while back I was reading this thread https://7173mustangs.com/forums/topic/34961-92-gts-rs-project-thread/?do=findComment&comment=366421 and he did some clever things to fix the cowel. Not sure it's totally applicable.
  14. Hi Rocketfoot, I like the new update, but I've only been member for a year so I haven't been using the old site that long. Couple of questions about non Google search 1. Can you give an example of using Tags in search? 2. I was thinking Tags could be used for Boolean 'AND' during a search. I tried using Tags Oil , Sender to refine a search so that only posts with those two words are returned. I also tried to explicitly use AND between Oil AND Sender with and without quotes. Any ideas on using Boolean operations? Thx
  15. Hi , I live in Center Valley, PA just up the road from you. I believe there is a gas station across from ABE airport that might have non- ethanol.
  16. Hi , I bought shifter rebuild parts, some from NPD and WCC. I have the parts but I decided to 'baby' the shifter until fall. I really hate to mess with car when it's 90 out. I'm going to do this and the rear spring at the same time this fall, before winter. Plus I really like to drive the car summer evenings and don't what to have it off line cause I did a dumb ass mistake :) I believe on my FMX I need to remove the linkage at the tranny.
  17. Hi and Welcome from Center Valley, PA
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