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  1. Im in need of one rocker panel molding in usable condition and a good used left door deluxe panelany color for 73 vert. ron m 440-732-1245
  2. I need a drivers side deluxe interior door panel what is condition and price ron m 440 732 `1245 thanks
  3. I have 2 bucket seats from 71 73 mustang I think standard interior,looks like saddle brown vinyl one is very nice othe one needs cover.Cheap best offer must pick up Ron m 440-732-1245
  4. im looking for a set of good used rods and pistons,standard for a 1973 ,302 engine.Preferably a set that you personally removed from a running engine. Thanks,440-732-1245
  5. Wtb vents in door jamb for 1/4 panels and the marker lights for rear
  6. Hi, Im looking for a tee handle for automatic shifter-the black plastic vents in the door jamb-2Rear 1/4 panel marker lights complete-hood latch assembly-and a decent grill for a 73.
  7. Does anyone have rear marker lites complete,and vents in door jambs. Ron M 440-732-1245
  8. I placed a wanted ad for a convertible project,and found one in less than a week.Thanks to Jason in Cedar Rapids for an honest deal.I love the car and cant wait to get started on it.Thanks to all 7173s. RonM
  9. Im looking for a 71-73 Mustang convertible junker that I can save from the crusher.I dont care about motor type or trans type or codes,or overall conditionIm looking for a long term project,a labor of love of sorts,to rebuild,drive and enjoy.I dont expect much for what I want to spend.Im in Ohio.You can call me at 440-732-1245 my name is Ron.I would just bet that someone has a pile of junk that would be perfect.I can weld and weld and weld.Thanks in advance for your help
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