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  1. I got my rebuilt engine started yesterday and heard my car running for the first time in 28 years, it was a real good day but I am now half deaf listening to it running on open headers.
  2. I now have a fridge door covered in magnets.
  3. mus72


    I have one in N.Ireland currently being restored (slowly) . Nice to see one looking as it should.
  4. I think i have a new set of hardened push rods if you are interested.
  5. Ok here's my take, replacing 2v heads with 4v and changing cams can have a knock on affect with gearing ,torque convertors etc as well, just remember that when factoring costs. Personally I wouldn't care if I had closed or open chamber heads , but then I would stick with the 2v .A lot of stuff sounds good as far as hp numbers etc but doesn't translate well to the street. Have fun whatever you decide.
  6. Try here bad shoe transmisson rebuild http://www.badshoeproductions.com/
  7. It cost too much to do another will probably have $75.00 in doing two brands. I think they are pretty much all the same stuff just different names on the containers. They all look sort of the same you can get different colors. They just keep the air and water away so the rust stops. I have heard horror stories from both and great success from both so I think it is how they were applied. Both hate to have the surface washed with lacquer thinner or any petroleum base. You have to use water base and not touch anything. Just like paint some jobs just go bad and some come out great using everyt
  8. I will offer an alternative http://www.owatroldirect.co.uk/product/owatrol-oil/ .I think this stuff is great but needs to be coated with CIP primer if using 2k . If you are doing a test make sure and give it a go. ps, do try out over rust, U.S version http://www.owatrolusa.com/index.php?langue=en&page=products-owatrol-oil
  9. I personally don't get the slagging of cars off I like the diversity and find it offensive( all very Jeremy Clarkson) to those who own and restore them . I go to shows and am always glad to see people restoring cars that aren't popular.(I like multiplas a car that dared to be different and not bland like most people carriers out there)
  10. This is mine, 1961 Imperial Custom with a 413 and disc brakes all round
  11. A great forum for Ford Trans http://www.network54.com/Forum/260730/
  12. Why change , would be much simpler to rebuild the fmx which is capable of handling 450hp in stock form a c4 would need upgraded to handle that .Also the fmx is much lower in parasitic loss than a c6. Rockauto do rebuild kits for them cheap , bad shoe do rebuild dvd's then add a shift kit , it would save changing torque convertor,prop shaft and messing about with linkages .
  13. I would get it sleeved in stainless save any more problems especially on cars which aren't driven daily
  14. In grateful thanks to all those brave men,I tour the battlefields every year if I can and am always humbled.
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