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  1. My right directional signal light inside the car does not always work. The signals outside work fine. I figure its a loose bulb , they were changed to led about 5 years ago. I am trying to get the bezel off and get to the bulb. It is fighting me and the problem is it is hitting the steering column on the bottom of the bezel. If I take the three bolts off that appear to be holding the steering column up will it loosen up and not cause any damage? I know I had this off years ago and I remember having to force it into place. Thanks, Rick
  2. Your being kind lol. I think at 15 large that might be reaching a bit. I offered mine to someone last year for 11 and It is finished. What do you mean finished? That car is like new. Didn't you read the description.
  3. My wife's 65 convertible is pictured in the readers album section. They have me listed as having a 71 convertible but I actually have a Mach 1. Glad to be in it. I had sent the picture in at least 6 months ago and forgot about it so it was a surprise.
  4. I had scratches on my rear and side windows and I only made them worse trying to polish them out. I took the car to a pro glass place and they could not get them out. I replaced the side rear window and I put louvers on the rear window because it has a rear defrost setup and I did not want to change that. If they are not really bad I would just leave them alone.
  5. I replaced mine years ago without taking the windows out. It still looks good.
  6. You guys are the best. I found a broken vacuum cap at the back of the carb. The best way to do it was with the propane torch. The carb cleaner is ok but it will take the paint off the motor. Thanks again
  7. The choke is working fine. I checked the vacuum and it was over 15 at the carb and over 20 at the manifold. I checked all the lines and everything is holding the vacuum except the ram air which leaks a little. I bypassed it but it did not make a difference. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the response. I will let you know how I make out
  9. I have a 71 351 4V with a holley carb. The car has been running great for some time now. I went for a ride yesterday for about 1/2 hour. I stopped the car for about 5 minutes. The car was a little hard to start after the rest but would not idle. It kept stalling. I was able to make it home and put it away for the night. Now when I try and start it, it revs very high on cold idle and then stalls when the choke comes off. It runs ok at high revs but not as smooth as it was, Any suggestions on where to start? Thanks, Rick
  10. I paid $100 for one a few years ago on ebay so I don't think the price is out of line. Very hard to find
  11. It is impossible to get the trim on without damaging it. I glued the trim on and its been on for about 3 years now and is fine.
  12. I believe if your lift the car and turn the rear wheel one revolution and count how many revolutions the driveshaft turns you can tell what the ratio is .
  13. I agree and I think the 69 Mach1 is much nicer than the Shelby
  14. That is a different clip. Thanks anyhow
  15. Let me know if you have some clips made. I would be interested in one or two.
  16. Thanks for the good work. See you in a few months.
  17. I replaced my headliner without taking out the windows. You might as well try it. The worst that can happen is you don't have any luck doing it and maybe have to buy a new headliner. They are not that expensive. Once you start taking the windows out there is no turning back. My headliner came out as good as I expected. If I had taken it to a shop and they had done the job as good as I did I would be satisfied.
  18. I'm jealous. Still plenty of snow here.
  19. You have to pre-register . They always fill up. Contact the Hyannis chamber of commerce It is a fun day.
  20. Looks good. You are brave taking the car out. The roads are still pretty crappy in R.I. and Mass.
  21. Thanks. I am checking with him to see if he has any power window clips that I have been looking for.
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