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  1. Of course fitment is important! however the steel used is more critical. If a person wanted to check just how good is the sway bar material used (most important) ? take it to a tool and die shop or a large machine shop. They can rockwell test the bar for hardness of the material used. If they used a non carbon steel? your going to have issues down the road.
  2. I highly recommend TMI panels. I know there more money but...........you get what you pay for. I tried to buy cheaper ones and returned them. Either they didn't fit correctly or the color match was so far off I would have to spray dye them. My issue with color is TMI no longer makes vermillion red. However if they do make your color then spend a little more and get the best! You wont regret it.
  3. Having trouble finding that listed in the Ace web page. Would you happen to have a upc or sku # ? Thanks
  4. You sure those folks are not from the movie deliverance ?
  5. Wish, I hadnt purchased a rust bucket stang. Life would have been easier buying one like this from the get go. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Wish I could do that as well. Wife is passing, must stay here for now.
  7. Good thought I wish I could go that way with a shelter. The way the codes read in my neighbourhood I simply can not put up a structure in that area. The city passed a code enforcement that says you can NOT put anything like boats, trailers, cars for storage (must move every 72 hours). What they did was any neighbourhood in the city that codes have expired from (20 plus years). They used the setback laws to enforce nothing can go in that area. So...........20 feet from the front or back of the property and 8 feet from either side you can not use for your own personal use. I have e
  8. I need a car cover for my 71 mach. I went to ebay and they have 414 listed, but they all look the same. I must store the car outside. Please Let me know which cover you use and feel is a good one? Thanks
  9. I came across this youtube video. Just thought some would like to see some stangs run the 1/4 mile. Several 71-73 running. Enjoy :-)
  10. WOW, Thanks for the showing! Congrats to all who represented the 71-73 stangers. Especially to you BRIAN!
  11. Good story, Just makes you dislike high brass even more :-). Could you imagine fighting the war and knowing your commander was driving this around.
  12. Ha, Ha you got me :-) For some reason I thought that was your car. My friend has a car like the one that sold. He showed up one day in front of my house and said......take it out and let me know how she handles. I did just that. His car has 72k miles on it and is 100% original. Has 351c not the 429
  13. Hi Galucha I noticed your car has the clock delete plate in the console. Also the clock in the dash. My 71 mach has the same. Ive been told both of these are a rare item in a automatic car.
  14. You beat me to it. :-) Here it is with a picture. I just had enough time to snap a pic. Didnt catch all the sale or particulars of it. What I did hear was 429.........just couldn't get my thoughts off the rising price. 160k Focus :-) They even said the bad word........BIG mustang but it didn't matter. Proof is in the pudding or this case the price.
  15. Thanks Hemi Killer! I dont have any of the lines for the fmx. Otherwise I might of been able to figure this one out. I will get them on order today. Thanks again for the clarification! the pics and all you do for the forum. Rod and Sally
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