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  1. Last December I did some complaining about getting ripped off by a local Body shop. Or should I say you kind folks listened to my bitchin. :-) I"ll Post there name. Ron Zechman and his father SR. Shop out of Nampa Idaho. They run under several alias names. One of them is Idaho collision and customs. 3415 e. victory rd. I hired an attorney and took 3 of my biggest friends and repoed it back. Chicken shits didn't even come out to meet us. They pushed the car to the main road/street. Took me for 5K. The video is exactly the scam going across the U.S as we speak.
  2. I feel like I lived your story, and it hurt!! Take care sir, you will recover from this in time. God speed to your healing. Rod and Sally
  3. Build those lasting memories with your son. Its always exciting to me seeing a restoration ready to start. You got a pretty good list already, Im sure more will be discovered. Have fun, look forward to your writings. Rod
  4. David.......Did the helper springs actually lift the rear end any? Would it be better to just have the springs re-arched?
  5. And a 5th and a 6th just like everyone else in the world. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HA,HA now that was funny.
  6. Not to sure there was a lot of planning over the last 50 years. Seems like we just threw all the ideas into a pot stirred it and what happened is what happened. Best wishes to everyone on this flag day! including you funny Brits
  7. Ditto on that Rktmn. That is what they did to my wifes 71 mach.
  8. Would you have a Eaton part # for the shackle set ( 1.1 inch lift)? Im also looking to do the same thing. Many Thanks in advance!
  9. Rocketfoot you missed your calling sir. With a voice like that you should have been a radio or T.V announcer. Really!!! Thanks for all you do to keep us running.
  10. Is the stripe only on a boss 351? or all mach 1s ?? My car is still in the paint shop but I bet they would like that measurement as well :-) THANKS
  11. Thanks Rocketfoot for putting this together!!
  12. See Ya in Boise Spike :-) God speed and safe travels.
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