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  1. Found these on Craigslist. Covers are NOt the best but all pages are intact. Had to have them. LOTS and LOTS of good info in there.
  2. People who dont tie down there loads #$%^&* Hopefully the person stopped gave insurance info then went on there La tee Da way. I see it as good timing. Yesterday a lady was travling through our town on the highway. Board came off the back of a truck went through her windshield and basically decapitated her . Killed he instantly. Like I say people that dont tie down there loads #$%^&*
  3. Wasnt this your maiden voyage?? Dag nab it .
  4. Hi Tom, Dont believe you will need luck. You are where your at on this 351c because of "YOUR" skills. Looks good! Make that baby breath fire
  5. Maybe im not reading this correct? 5K for a carb? Does a car come with it?
  6. Need a price on chrome fender extensions

    Is this thread dead? 😣

  7. machattack

    Crazy Odds

    On November 20th you best go get a lottery ticket . Thats phenomenal odds for sure.
  8. Here's a picture. The grey hound depot I believe is closed down in Boise. Its about 12 miles from me in downtown Boise.
  9. I would like a price on.......... chrome fender extensions. Please p.m me. You should post your prices on your list. Thx
  10. Ordered one up for Sally. Its just one, it might help you some on that goal. Thx Rod
  11. Hi Racerx I dont have a picture but I will get one. The cost to ship will be our biggest expense. Forward your zip code and I will check out shipping plus packing. I have had it local on craigslist but nobody in this area has a 73. Its past midnight so I will get the pic tomorrow. Im in Boise Idaho 83704 Thanks Rod
  12. Howdy, I have a 73 front valance that I cant use (I have a 71). Anybody want it for shipping costs and 30.00. The valance was NOT mounted. A bit of scuffing from years of laying around. *********UPDATE****** SORRY..........Turns out its way expensive to ship this valance. Fedx 116.28 and UPS 112.13 so local pickup is our option here. Thanks
  13. Thanks for sharing your video! This is something I need to do to my hood as well.
  14. Thank you for your answers Fellers I will check it out from here. Hopefully they are NOT priced like the map light.

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