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    1968 mustang gt 302 4v 4 speed


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  1. Thank you Hemi killer for digging up that literature. It certainly covered virtually all questions I had. Now the hunt is on........... :-)
  2. Thanks for your knowledge! I appreciate the answer. Hemi killer did the 68 4v 302 come with just standard blue covers? Or blue with powered by ford on them?
  3. Help :-) I have a 1968 302 4v j code mustang. I need to replace the valve covers as mine are dented. I ran across this set in town and need your opinion if they are actually O.E or not? Seller says they are O.E. I don't have a clue even after extensive internet searches? Thanks for your help!!
  4. Thanks for sharing! That is GREAT info. I've rebuilt mine (don't think I would want to do it again). Rod
  5. Might try these ideas? I believe I would try to adjust the modulator screw 1/2 turn at a time to see if you affect the shift. Its a easier thing to try than pulling the tail piece to check the governor. Was the modulator new or used? correct color stripe? also check to see if you have a good vacuum at the hose, NO pinholes in the hose. The hose is soft and supple no cracks.
  6. Tells it when to shift. It looks like a silver air pod and will have a paint mark on it with a certain color.
  7. Hum........if we looked at the obvious first? then the shifting adjustment rod needs adjusted. If that doesn't help to cure it? then go deeper into the tranny. I wouldnt think it would be the shifting module? however check the color stripe on it.. If he secret sauced it :-) who knows?. But a common thing to do, to make it shift faster and harder on the fmx is to leave out the ball check on the 2nd gear. Lets see what your fella says he did first.
  8. Could you share the part #s for ordering kyb? also the the rear shocks? Thanks
  9. Hi Everwood, My heart goes out to you and your family. My wife Sally also passed this year in my arms (April 20th 2021). She also was from Kansas (paola). Sally also passed at home, I was so Thankful to have her here at home. Gorgeous car, I bet she loved the open air ride. Take care and write any time! Im here. Rod and Sally
  10. So........... is this also the right color and sheen for the rocker panels and rear spoiler? so many questions. Thanks
  11. Thanks Guys, appreciated!! Stanglover.........David sent me the measurements some time ago and the painter does have those. Thanks to both of you! Rod and Sally's mustang
  12. I thought I saw a thread on this subject but cant find it now. Oh Well, so...............what is the correct shade and sheen of black for the blackout hood? I wanna get it painted right the first time. I also assume the rear deck spoiler is the same code paint? Thank you
  13. Just curious??????? is the louver for 69-70 close to matching the 71-73 window? Could it be altered? Thanks Rod
  14. Hum........ I found 3 but they are all single grove. I was certain I have one. Sorry I have a couple more places to look. If I find that sucker I will email you.
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