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  1. hey Buddy! Check out the Australian heads blog I recently posted in General discussion....

    1. machattack


      Will do. We just got home from out of State. Sally had a bone marrow stem cell transplant. She was in the hospital for 25 days and I stayed in a motel room. That really sucked. They let us come home for 3 days then we have to go back. Im having a hell of a time trying to read, get or write on the forum with my I-Phone.

      Gotta go get Sally something to eat. See Ya


      ps: I still havnt heard anything from that Aussi head dude.

    2. Spike Morelli

      Spike Morelli

      I hope all good things for you and your wife. There has been a lot of good coming from stem cell and bone marrow treatments. I'm not the most religious person around, but It couldn't hurt if I ask Our Father to help you in a prayer.

      My wife and I are in the process of getting financing to move there to Boise, prior to selling our home here. We may be there this summer. Moving my 4 boats and settling my late Father's estate, battling with my narcistic older brother makes the move strenuous. Talk soon.

    3. machattack


      Thank you for the prayer summons :-)  certainly cant hurt. 

      The docs let us come home for 2 days. Tomorrow back to Salt lake City for more poking and prodding. 

      Im going to try and contact that aussie guy again. He keeps making promises then I never here from him again. :-(

      Nice article you put together on the heads. Pretty tech'y stuff for me. Im was a machinist and tool and die maker but never had to know much about building up a race engine.  

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