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  1. New here. Jim from CT. Have a 1972 Mustang Grande 351C CJ w/C6 automatic. In the process of a total restore (and I do mean total). Bought the Mustang at the end of 71. Have a Kwik wire restoration wiring kit but cannot find how to reconfigure the gages for this set.


    1. machattack


      Hi Jim,

      Welcome to the forum from Idaho. Your long journey on the restore will be made easier by the vast knowledge on this forum. If you click the link That Don provided below his name it will take you to the form to fill out.  It basically tells us about you and your car.  I believe you will find many of us on here are of the old fart age. :whistling:   Over time you will learn the system. 

      Again Welcome! 

      Rod....( Mach attack)

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  2. Picked up my 1968 mustang GT 302 4v 4 speed from the paint shop. A  Promised 3-4 month job turned into 9 plus months. Going to take it for a drive tonight.

    My deceased wife picked the color which is Candy Brandy Wine. Stop at Sonic and get a ice cream cone. 

    Not a very good pic but here it is.

    new color 68.jpg

    new paint 68.jpg

    1. machattack


      Howdy there. 

      Thank you for recognizing my wife's passing. Still very hard for me. She passed away in my arms on 4-20-21 at 7;20 pm.

      Im hoping to go to the show on Saturday. Wanted to bring my 68 coupe but with the paint only a few days old ..........it might get banged up parking to close to each other. 

      Going fishing tomorrow at C.J strike. Been going there for 30 years.  Taking my boat. 


      My cell #  208-515-6012 text any time. 

      I dont live to far from you. Ustick and maple grove. 

      new paint 68.jpg

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  3. hey Buddy! Check out the Australian heads blog I recently posted in General discussion....

    1. machattack


      Thank you for the prayer summons :-)  certainly cant hurt. 

      The docs let us come home for 2 days. Tomorrow back to Salt lake City for more poking and prodding. 

      Im going to try and contact that aussie guy again. He keeps making promises then I never here from him again. :-(

      Nice article you put together on the heads. Pretty tech'y stuff for me. Im was a machinist and tool and die maker but never had to know much about building up a race engine.  

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  4. hey Buddy! Check out the Australian heads blog I recently posted in General discussion....

    1. machattack


      Will do. We just got home from out of State. Sally had a bone marrow stem cell transplant. She was in the hospital for 25 days and I stayed in a motel room. That really sucked. They let us come home for 3 days then we have to go back. Im having a hell of a time trying to read, get or write on the forum with my I-Phone.

      Gotta go get Sally something to eat. See Ya


      ps: I still havnt heard anything from that Aussi head dude.

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