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  1. See Ya in Boise Spike :-) God speed and safe travels.
  2. My OLD stomping grounds. Graduated from Cedar springs high. Keep plugging at that stang, you'l be burning out soon than later.
  3. Ha......like turtle says, get another insurance company. You will be happy you did. Or you can go through Farmers insurance and they will get it under written by Hagerty or similar You can insure it for what ever amount you want. Heck evil knievel insured his jump across the snake river here in Idaho.
  4. 1971 mach 1 4v fmx with shift kit dyno @ 490hp. Most important add on ? A window sticker that reads " In loving memory of Sally Snyder ( Mustang Sally)
  5. Ditto on that. We invest in our loved ones :-) which includes cars. Turtle did they let you keep your car and also pay you for it? I bought a brand new boat 40k had it for 3 weeks and it caught on fire but wasnt plugged in charging. One of the 3 batteries plates shorted out as a dead short. Burned most of it to the ground except the motor. Honda mechanic run the fuel line in the main harness bundle of wires. Wires melted down and ignited the fuel line. It was 8 feet from my house and it just bubbled the paint on the house. WEW The 200hp 4 stroke honda was 20k. alone. So..... I had put another 8k in add ons to the boat so State Farm gave me the boat, trailer and motor. They paid me full price on the boat. When you invest more than market value They feel obligated to give the claim items to you he explained. Well, I got 15k for the motor so I ended up 15k ahead of the game. But what a hassle with the forensic experts, setting up a new boat again and on and on.
  6. Yep, It was 2 years ago that the big debate started AGAIN on the value of our cars. I remember several name callings such as..... YOU NAY SAYERS, YOU NEGATIVE people and so on. I will still hold to my statement then that our car values will go up a "lot" in the future. I posted a pic as did others the price when the gavel dropped at Mechum just a few months ago. I think someone said it was a drunk bidder who didnt know what he was doing. Really? Dont forget someone was bidding against him, that makes 2 bidders drunk , rich, dumb bidders? :-) Thanks Rocket foot for the post.
  7. We have kinda been on this subject prior for me. The car was built december 1970 for 1971. Its a mach1 with deluxe interior. The color code says vermillion 5e. However all the O.E original interior is in it. ( it sure looks 50 years old) is dark red. This includes the headliner,seats , sail panels. One thing I did notice on the door panels is it says reject on the inside of the panel. Which seemed very Odd. I really dont think someone changed out the interior. Especially the headliner. So......... I pose the question. Is it possible they had dark red as a option for 71 machs? Color Photos upon request.
  8. Second That. Huge explosion of people here in Boise Id (lower part of the State).. .WA, CA and OR plates Also second that on the 70 boss :-) beautiful car indeed.
  9. Thank you for answers guys :-) I got them thar trim pieces off. Man they were stuck. Heres a pic drying with the replacement lens. I also sanded and buffed/polished the aluminum.
  10. Thank you guys! I did purchase a nice set of lens's so I really need to get the old ones out but not damage the alum bezels. So....what is VHT ? very hot tamale :-) seriously I don't know?
  11. So..... I was hoping to save some money and buy a good set of used tail light lens's and replace the older ones. Anybody removed the aluminum trim on the lens? It appears very stuck :-) Appreciate the help!
  12. It Was an emotional day today. It has been exactly 60 days since she passed and Fathers day and its the first time I seen her project car since her passing. Body work completed and epoxy primed. Block and paint next couple weeks. I attached a couple of pics because I told her that her dream car would be completed for all to see.
  13. Idaho, Hagerman west Wyoming?
  14. Got a picture of the area of concern?
  15. Hi nursieee, Your correct the map light assembly is hard to find. You might look and see if your actually wired for one? Before you go on the journey to find one. Ill attach a couple of pics for your viewing. I have made one in the past and it did turn out well 2nd pic. You do see them on ebay from time to time. But they know what there worth and ask at least that much if not more.
  16. Dang DON.........you from this world? How you know all this stuff? We are blessed to have your knowledge on here for sure.
  17. The kits I found are imported. The pins are undersized and will leave your doors sagging by 1/2" or more. I ended up turning my pins on my lathe so I could get a good lapp fit. Wish I had better news for Ya :-(
  18. Ive caught hundreds of blue cats over the years but never one that big......that ones a story for sure :-)
  19. I sorted all the parts out for Sallys 71 mach in anticipation that it will come home soon from the body shop. David,......Ive got a 2001 f350 crew 4x4 7.3 powerstroke. Has 120k miles on it. Ive been thinking of selling. Be a very good truck for Ya. I get notes on it all the time from buyers.
  20. Thank you Frank! The Quarter window stickers showed up today from my daughter. I will install tomorrow for mothers day. Rod and Sally
  21. Thank you for the donation!! She really liked your paintings........keep up the good work! Rod
  22. Thats a good buy Mike :-) Wish mine were black.......... I would have jumped and bought them. So to be clear Yes,Yes, and yes as quoted from Don. :-)
  23. The door panels have been covered on numerous occasions. My vote still goes to the best as TMI. Also the most expensive. But they are correct.
  24. What does the Manganese Phosphate do?? Stop talking so fast...... how we supposed to learn :-) Take Care Rod
  25. Thank you for the kind words! Hard to talk about it. I suppose it will take awhile. Rod
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