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  1. Thanks Mike!! Maybe someone will solve the mystery?
  2. Hi folks, I picked up a front valance from a guy today and it had aluminum trim pieces on each end. Ive never seen these on a mach1 ? or advertised in parts catalogs. He said the part came off a 71 mach 1. Can you guys clarify what these actually came on? Pics attached
  3. I see more and more various people getting the johnson and johnson vaccine. This touches close to home for my family. My oldest daughter works for Grand River Aseptic in Michigan. Her job is basically production. She travels to Germany alot to purchase machines that produce the drugs, and packages them. She met with several Generals, Dr Fauchie and logistic distribution military personnel. As most know its a one shot vaccine, More important is it can be refrigerated not froze to negative #s. Also the other 2 vaccines only have a shelf life after opening of 6 hours. J and J has a shelf life of many days up to 30. This helps when you have people streaming in to get shots and you dont have to rush them through like cattle so the vac doesnt go bad. She texted me couple weeks ago and said......DAD I DID IT !! 4 million VACCINES GO OUT NEXT WEEK.!!! Im incredibly proud of her. She will touch many humans with her work. And save many lives.
  4. Hey Vert.........how do you like your lift? I have one just like it but havnt used it yet.
  5. You can use the electronic deterrent that runs on batteries. That one you poke into the ground and it sends off the electronic signal through the ground. They cant stand the ultra sonic sound, they work just like the home plug in units. Moles are hard to catch because they eat earthworms. The bait for them looks like a worm :-) Voles also can be baited with strychnine laced oats. You can find that in your local farm stores. Also a applicator that pokes a hole in there tunnel and then dispenses the grain underground for them to eat. That method is also used for gophers.
  6. Thanks Guys! WEW thats a relief not to remove it :-) ....... I went ahead and jewel buffed the chrome trim on the window.
  7. Howdy, I need to replace the qrt window weather strip. Can someone lead the way on how to remove the Chrome strip from the window ? Hate to bust the glass. Also can you purchase the rubber weather strip (the one that touches the front windows separately? Thanks for your help
  8. Mike at Motor city mustang ( a vendor on this forum) might have some O.E used springs. Thats what I would use.......Good old USA made steel.
  9. Dag Nab it............ I know that pain. I had 2 back surgerys and they did fix it. They can fix yours as well. Dont fear. Try laying flat on your back like a carpeted floor. That will seperate ( make a gap) the vertebrae and relieve the pinched nerve some. You must take it easy until they can reduce the swelling. If not you will lose the feeling in your foot(as I did) permanently. Feels like your walking on a ping pong ball all the time. Take it easy!
  10. Hi, I had a question on buffing out aluminum trim pieces. I have the buffer and the compounds. The colors i have are...... Black/grey, Red Jewelers rouge, Brown tripli, Green rogue. The 71 mach trim must have a coating on it like laquer or? The compounds wont buff it off. I painted some epoxy paint remover on it, not sure it removed it either? I dont think it did? I have lots of experience buffing and hot tank bluing guns. I never have polished aluminum. Thanks for your help!
  11. Thanks Guys for your kind words and support! Over the next 3 weeks they will try to extract enough stem cells from her and then transplant them back into her. We heard today the cancer is in her lungs and stomach again. The bone cancer for some reason left her bone marrow and spread. She is the first patient to have this happen. Goes to show all cancers, bacteria and virus's mutate and make themselves stronger by the day. David, I did get the hood stencil rub back :-) from the a*& holes. When the new shop gets done I will return it. Many Thanks for making that bugger for me. Happy New year everybody.........wish I never would have stopped drinking :-)
  12. Finally I got Sallys Mach 1 back. I hired a pissed off attorney, tow truck, 3 big guys (Gweedo's ;-) and demanded it back through the Sheriff. I gave the date and time we would be there and it was setting out by the road when I got there. The damn pussys didnt even come out to meet us, HuH. Was 7.5 months of bulls%%T and wasted time. Im out 5k because they didnt do there work. I will let the attorney handle that part of there crap. I got a picture (one side) of the strip and epoxy primer before I payed, guess what they did? They stripped and epoxy primed one half the car and thats the pictured I received. David...... I Took your approach and decided if need be? I would beat the living crap out of them :-) These scammers are really good and operate in Nampa Idaho. Be more than happy to share there names. Wish I had social media to hammer them some. They dont have a web site or I would do it there.
  13. If you have correct power at the horn? Turn the screw at the back of the horn 1 turn forward then 1 turn back. This screw sets the vibratory action of the horn. Often it becomes stuck or sticky not allowing the horn to work. If you hear the honk start to work? adjust the screw until you get a good tone.
  14. When I was growing up my Dad would contract with hospitals for there Xray bath solutions. He paid a little to nothing for 5 gallon cans of it. I was 10 years old and would follow him into the hospital and help carry out the buckets. They weighed as much as me....at least it felt like it. That was 52 years ago ;-) He would then take them to our basement and electroplate them onto I think copper plating. I remember there being a positive and negative polarity that would pull the particulate from the bath. He then went into plating children's or infants shoes for the fire place mantle of customers. I remember how nice and shinny they were after buffing. My Dad wasn't a brilliant man so.......... I believe the process is easy for anyone to do it. Good luck sir :-)
  15. Hi everyone. I wish for the covid virus to be over! I wish for life to get itself back to some normalcy. I wish for my wife's well being. Her happiness and for God to look over her. Friday the cancer center called and told us the cancer is back and its really pissed this time. We used all the big guns with the car t cell transplant. It was successful for 4 months remission. I wish everyone a happy Christmas. Rod and Sally
  16. I watched this 73 sell on ebay. interesting selling price. There are some good pics of the car all the way around. If anyone wants to see O.E configurations and such. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-Ford-Mustang-Mach-1-only-18k-Miles-1-Owner-Must-See/233813882319?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Merry Christmas to everybody.
  17. Interesting article covering some of the failures and fixs to the gt-40 Enjoy https://performance.ford.com/enthusiasts/media-room/2020/12/gt40-development-.html
  18. Last fall I posted a thread on the door panel trim. I had listed the vendor for the contact paper as well. I did find my old picture. So........ need one of the computer gurus to find the thread? I cant find it. This was very good vinyl, it wasn't cheap either I think 40-$50.00. When you look at the wood grain it was actually indented in the pores. looks really real. I remember posting that it wasnt perfect but looked pretty good.
  19. Welcome to the herd :-) from Idaho where we do have wild horses.
  20. Agree on the 303 product. I have used it for 20-25 years and always have a gallon for my boat and cars and whatever. It was called aerospace 303 because it was developed for nasa. Works great with really good UV protection while softening the vinyl or plastic and great on fiberglass. I soak wiring harness's in it to soften up the wire coating. Mind you it will not take care of 50 year old wiring under the hot hood.
  21. Making memories.......... Keep it up! And nice work at that.
  22. Man....... I wanna go hunting there! Out here thats a 4 point :-) peculiar how the point count changes across the Mississippi river. Put that sucker on dry ice and ship it to me Congrats!
  23. Yep.......they still make finger tap extractors. The taps today from over seas are way to hard. They snap a lot easier than the German or USA made taps. As David said the 4 flute break easily. If a flute is eliminated then you have more back bone to the flutes that are there. I guess, in a pinch, the home made one is worth a try but........ it will twist and bind further lessening the chance for extraction. A bit more on the EDM machines (electronic dismissal machine). I ran these a whole lot as a tool and die maker. Mostly burning intricate precise figures through Extrusion dies . I was warned about the potency of the machine by the current journey man die makers I worked with. The original machine turned out to be deadly. Some how the EDM head was not grounded properly. The operator ( I was told the inventor) leaned forward to get a good look at the part being burned and touched his forehead against the EDM head. The current went through his brain and cooked him instantly.
  24. Hi, Its tough to match the red vermillion color. It should all match from all vendors but it does not. Seems each one has there own spin on the color. I would suggest you take a sample of the vinyl to your local auto paint store. They can match it with the computor and load a can for you. Here its K.C paint company.
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