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  1. I forgot to put a mesh wire across or on top of my 2 cowl vents. I completely rebuilt the cowl but forgot to measure the tops to place wire on top of them. Thanks for the reminder David :-) Anyone have a cowl vent exposed to tell me what it is across the top of it? I then can make 2 wire mesh's to place on top of them. Thank you in advance if you can help!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all . As for us.........We must stay inside and away from anyone as Sally is still dangerously low on immunity cells. The Genetically altered Car t cells are still working as they wipe out all your immunity and cancer cells. She must have all her baby shots again next week. Probably the closest thing to the fountain of youth that you can get. Good luck to your children Kilgon! Our prayers to anyone fighting against COVID. Rod and Sally
  3. Thanks for the input! Tmi claims it takes about one hour to install it. So......... I would gather that windshields can stay in. One other question. Is 1971 vermilion considered Dark red or bright red??
  4. Has anyone tried this Tmi one piece molded head liner? Im curious of fit and color matching? Local upholstery shop wants almost 400 to install the O.e style plus the cost of the headliner. Seems a guy could do the one piece himself and save some money in the long run?
  5. Kilgon.......Thanks for the pointer! Your always helpin! you should have been in retail :-) Sally and I dont have Facebook or twitter or? Sally and I was in customer service retail most of our lives. When we left we decided we didnt want to hear or see people for a long time :-) When the president of our company told the top 5 positions we had to register on facebook........I told him to stick it and left the company 10 years ago. I know social media is a powerful tool when used correctly.
  6. Dang..........for a person that hasn't done this before you missed your calling! Nice work. How about doing some seat covers for us poor people and competing with TMI Really......Im impressed
  7. Same colors as ours! Wimbledon white & vermillion interior. Maybe David could tell us how many were white with Red interior?
  8. I could use the dash trim piece that surrounds the glove box. Need the textured one not the smooth one. Pm and pics please.
  9. Dido............Tweaked for sure. Was the steering wheel crooked? I would think it being bent in (as if it was hit or something) would rotate the steering wheel making it wrong? Maybe someone pulled the wheel and put it back on making it look straight? Thinking out loud :-) I would use a hydraulic press to straighten it back up again.
  10. If Scotty doesn't have one? This is from my original starting post. Try Colorado mustang in Colorado. That is where I got mine. Sometimes its hard to get anyone to destroy there mustang for your cowl piece
  11. Thanks David!! If we had a band of Mustangs pull up, thats something they wouldn't forget.
  12. Good question! let me clear that up a bit. The car is still in pieces and parts like the windshields, door guts, trunk lid, hood, grill, bumpers, chrome trim, mirrors, etc, etc. It is still in primer and various bondo fixes covering the car. The car has not been blocked out, its not at that stage yet. I never hear from them, It always takes me to initiate contact. As some are aware . My wife and I spent 4 months in Seattle fighting stage 4 cancer with a car t cell transplant. My wife was persistent even during her probable death to contact these sleaze balls on her car. They also was aware I couldn't see the car and its progress. It was the perfect storm in there favor. I dropped off new parts including O.E spoiler, door and window gaskets, Stencil rub from David, new bumpers, new 18 pc stripe kit, many other numerous parts and pieces totaling over $1200.00. They have done the easy part of sanding to bare metal and priming it. The contract was paid in 3 stages, in which I have paid 2 payments. The third is paid when the car is completed. They did the easy 2/3rds and put the car on the back burner knowing they have the upper hand. To take the car back and have another shop finish the body work, To block it 2 times, paint it, install all pieces and parts, then stripe it will cost a bunch more (double) than the final 1/3rd installment. This is a common practice by body shops here. Im starting to think they teach this in College body shop class's. A baseball bat or hiring "Gweed"o" would have been more satisfactory to me.
  13. Today I hired an attorney to get my car back from the slime rockets at the body shop. They have held it hostage long enough, 7 months. Felt good that I could do something for the old girl. Feel like I abandoned her.
  14. machattack


    Printed your gorgeous pic. Its on my garage wall. Thanks
  15. Sold some parts today. Low and behold the fella showed up in this. He tossed me the keys and said........drive it :-) This car has 69k original miles and basically every option offered all the way down to the map light. What I feel was really neat, as a boy 40 years ago he rode in this car at 5 years old with his dad. Car has never left the family since new.
  16. Hi, Just curious.......What did this column sell for?
  17. Congrats on the tri bar win!!! That was a fake news video :-)
  18. I like that wood Nardi wheel. Very classy. The O.E wheel is to large, unless you have a tilt wheel its tough to get in and out easily. I was more thinking of putting it on my 68 stang. It has wood grain dash and wood grain on the overhead console, and door panels.
  19. Very NICE !! Did that come as a kit? or did you put it all together one by one?
  20. Nice.......speeding ticket red and racing mirrors . Welcome to our humble abode and from Idaho.
  21. Dang........ It takes genius just to thread a sewing machine ( I tell my wife that cause she always smiles). Did you work for NASA or something? Looks good!!! Thanks for sharing!
  22. Excellent spin! I wont contest the vote :-) TREVYND congrats
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