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  1. I know this is an old post but I researched it when I was looking for a solution and thought someone else might be researching and benifit from my experience.First off, nothing would hold the mirror on my wifes 73. I even tried hot glue wich was the only thing that worked on my old AMC. We gave up trying when the mirror fell off on the way home from the glass shop. So were up at the lake and shes complaining about the mirror so I thought Id give it one more try. I scraped the glass with a razor blade and didnt have any alcohal to clean with but Smirnoff's did the trick. I sanded the metal button and found it wasnt flat. Looked like factory finish but wasnt flat. Filed the button till I was happy with it then put some deep crosshatch file marks in it to give the glue something to hold to. I used a very thin layer of Premium PL construction adheasive on the button and held it on the windshield with Duct tape.. The next weekend at the lake I peeled the duct tape off and scraped the residue off with a razor. Vodka wouldnt touch the gooey stuff but Purell did a nice job and now the windshield is germ free. When I went to put the mirror on I noticed the 2 ball sockets on the back were almost siezed solid.How come the guy at the glass shop didnt notice this. So every time you adjusted the mirror you were using leverage to pull the mirror off the glass. Took me lots of dolphiin oil { all porpoise ) and a whole beer to get it freed up. Been 2 weeks now and holding. Will update if it falls off again.
  2. Thanks Tony. No buddy at my house smart eneough to figure that out.
  3. sorry, try again, searching DT MUSTANG ONTARIO this will bring up a link to a PDF file of the catalogue.
  4. I just stumbled upon a website that has a 182 page catilog with an overwhelming amount of parts for 64-73. everything from coat hooks to frame rails. The interior section is impressive. Might be a good tool to compare prices of used parts, or sourse what you cant find. DT ONTARIO out of Brantford Ontario Canada.
  5. Was just lookpng at these on a site called DT ONTARIO out of Brantford Ontario Canada.You can download there 182 page catilog. ...skip to the index at the end to save time. I dont see why thay wouldnt ship wordwide.
  6. hi Chris. Might be to late but I saw a pair on Kijiji Ontario yesterday for $100. Listed under 73 Mustang.
  7. Its my understanding these cars were prone to windshield leaks that rusted/rotted the dash. Our car was rusted when we took the dash apart. when washing or raining there was a small dribble of water on the inside of the windshield. Eventually there would be a wet spot on the floor.My wife painstakingly masked the roof, trim, and windshield, then put a small bead of black rv silicone on both sides of the trim. after smoothing out the silicone you couldnt see it. she did a great job and stopped the leak. I know its not the "right" way to do things but I dont see anything wrong with preserveing the car untill the windshield needs to come out for some other reason. We all leaked a little at that age. Didnt we?
  8. Duh... Im so stupid. You guys are the best. Upon closer examination there are screw holes in the sheet metal. Had to peel the headliner back and poke around a bit but they are there.They seem to be on a 45 degree angle from the windshield so of course me trying to put screws in at 90 degrees was missing the mark. Both my wife and I totaly missed this.. You guys are GREAT! Thankyou.
  9. Thanks for trying Cam. This too is my wifes car. I have a 67 Camero
  10. Hi guys. Anybody have a pic of how this is held on. I'm assuming there's some kind of clip that the trim snaps into or screws into. But I have no idea what it looks like or where to order it in Canada. Previous owner had the front held on with butyl and the back just hanging. I thought easy fix, I'll just put some screws in but there's nothing to screw into. On a side note I was on an old car forum looking for ideas and couldn't get over the negative posts, the name calling, the back bitting. Thanks for being a good group of guys 7173 community.
  11. When my wife bought her car, the dash pad was cracked but came with a new one still in the package. when we went to install it, and took it out of the package it was a thin plastic cover that fit over the pad giving the apearance of a factory pad. We took great pains to install it perfectly and it was just as much work as installing a proper pad. Over the winter it shrunk and split wide open...Lesson learned. this type of cover is not suitable for Canadian climates. Just thought I'd put this out there for anybody researching pads.
  12. Just had this happen 3 days ago. Was trying to check a voltage regulator with the key on , and the Black/orange stripe wire at the solinoid started smoking. Asked the alternator rebuilder about it and he said fileing/cleaning the ring terminal on the wire takes care of this 90 percent of the time. Found on mine the wire was broken inside the insulation and was probably working on 2 or 3 strands before I took it off for cleaning. Was broken about an inch down from the ring terminal but insulation was still intact. If it hadnt of broke completly while cleaning I wouldnt have known.
  13. Thanks Rocketman. I watched that vid. several times, I didnt like the part where the voltage shot up to 18v. Decided to pull the alt. and have it tested. The alt rebuilder said my alt was fine and it was a good call not to spike an already fragile electrical system. He ordered me a heavy duty voltage regulator. I cleaned all my connections and grounds and hope to get the regulator in today. Again thanks Rocketman
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