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  1. The show Engine Masters did a comparison of an exhaust with mufflers between straight pipes a H pipe and a X pipe. It's pretty interesting. It was done on a LS eng. but they say the results should be the same for any eng. or close to it. Look for it on the MotorTrend site.
  2. I really think it was a fluke. I've never had that problem before, but yea it's good that there is a solution if it happens again.
  3. Ok guys bear with me on this one. The p/s reservoir's was leaking on my 73 where the big o ring is. So i changed just the o ring and the rear seal because everything else was working fine. After putting everything back together and doing the air bleed procedure the steering was hard as a rock. I tried all sorts of stuff, turning the wheel left to right and even pulling a vacuum on the reservoir. No change. So this car has the p/s cooler. I pulled the return line going from the cooler to the pump started the eng. and let some fluid pump out into a drain pan. Next I pulled a vacuum at the p/s cooler return line to see if I could get the air out of the system. After doing all of this and topping off the fluid it seems to be working fine, you can turn the wheel with one finger like before. So there had to be a big air pocket stuck in there someplace. My thing is I've never seen this procedure for air bleeding the system done anywhere. ( and believe me I googled everything on the subject ). Just wondering if anyone has ever had this problem before or was it just a fluke. This thing drove me crazy for a couple of days.
  4. 73 med copper met, p/s, p/b, a/c, p/t, jasper stage 2 -302-4v, aod trans.
  5. 1969 Shelby GT 350 Convertible. Maroon with white int. fully loaded but with an auto trans, because I have a bad clutch leg.
  6. I'm a retired Department Of Defense Firefighter. Now I work for my wife, she has a list of things to do and it just keeps getting longer.
  7. We participated in a photo scavenger hunt yesterday that was hosted by the Mustang Owners Museum. They made up a list of thing for each team find and take photos of then send the photos in to them. There was a time limit of 6 hours to do the hunt. The winners ( 3 from each country participating) gets a certificate and tickets to the museum. I was just wondering if the members here would like to do something like that just for fun. It would be something to get you out of the house. Maybe the winners could be listed on the site with the items they found. Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?
  8. The Mustangs Owner Museum had a photo scavenger hunt on the 17th. They sent out a list of things to find and take pictures of then send them in. Each one found was worth 1 point, if it was a Mustang or Ford product it was worth 2. We had a great time doing it. Some of the stuff was hard to find around here, especially the 74-78 and 79-93 Mustangs.
  9. [/url] I cleaned the white letters on the BFG,s on my 73 convertible. Used bleach white and a cloth. It's time consuming but right now that sort of stuff keeps me busy.
  10. I am looking for a 1970 -71 Ranchero. preferably a gt with a/c (factory or add on). The paint is not important because I will paint it to match my 73 mustang convertible. If anyone knows where one in good shape is located let me know. Thanks.

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