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  1. do you have and tachometers? triple gauge for center console? clock for center console How much? PM me details. thanks
  2. I checked the four pin plug that the NSS plugs to at the fender wall. No voltage there. Is that the power supply to the NSS? . I have power at the I post of the solenoid with the ignition on. Is this supposed to give power to the plug for the NSS or only when trying to crank the ignition. I will have to chase the red/blues wire tomorrow. Battery still has 12 volts. I also could not get any voltage at the NSS cranking the ignition at any position. So it sounds like maybe the NSS is not getting power.
  3. 71 Mach one. I had a loose automatic shifter so I took it out to replace the bushings. They were missing. I accidentally broke the neutral position safety switch for the fmx trans. Did got a new one and installed it. While I was waiting for those parts to come in I change the point to PerTronix II and flame thrower II. Then when it was back together I turned the key.... power to the dash but nothing else, no click no start. I replace the solenoid relay and the ignition switch. Still nothing. I checked the continuity of the NSS and it was good when in the correct position. No power at the s terminal of the solenoid when cranking. I jumped the solenoid hot post to the s post and the starter cranked. I cleaned the ground to the battery and made sure that was good. No change. Not sure what the next step is, but it ran before I went to change those bushings. I would appreciate any help here. Thanks
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