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  1. Thanks for all of the replies. That's a lot of very good info. I have considered a lot of criteria, and after having 2 of the 71-73 cars in the family over time I want the third time to be the charm....a 'keeper' for the rest of my life. I have narrowed it down to a 1973, Sportsroof or Mach 1, with the standard interior in Avocado (code AG) and exterior in one of the factory shades of green. I've been in contact with a dealer that has one possibility, and I've asked some basic questions, but he is one of those types who gets all huffy when he finds out that a person doesn't have the funds on hand right then and there. That's quite off-putting. Plenty of people research far in advance of having funds in place, to make a more informed purchase down the line when there are comparisons to be made among available choices. And any sound business person should know that any info gathered and presented is going to be welcomed by all potential customers. What's right in front of them is all the more that they will not have to ask about.
  2. To 6972boss: Received your messages. Could not reply, as the system said you have reached your quota. But I will definitely keep you in mind and we'll see what the future holds. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the info. I will definitely keep your area in mind. I have dual citizenship by birth and if our lawsuits do turn out well, moving to Canada is a possibility. My dad was born in Nova Scotia and my wife and I both like the Cape Breton Highlands.
  4. Our 6 acres was located 2 miles southwest of the track. We heard all of the music of Summer Jam 1973 from our property, because of the output of the speaker system. I remember the year when they burned a Greyhound bus in 'The Bog'. Some wild times in those days.
  5. The car we should have had in 1977, instead of the Maverick, looked just like this one:
  6. I wasn't sure what section was best for posting the question....hope it's okay here. I was wondering who is most familiar with these cars and does the best work on them. I'm looking at a car that has had a lot of dress-up items added to the engine compartment. The radio has also been changed. If I bought the car, I would want to return everything to completely stock. The original parts are no longer with the car at all. It's a 351 Cleveland 2 barrel car, so original parts should not be too hard to find. I know that I simply would not have time to track down and install the parts myself. Purchasing the car depends upon a couple of lawsuits that seem to be cut-and-dried and strongly in our favor. But, there are never any 'guarantees' with the legal system these days. If we do win, I am going to be very busy with a lot of things and would want the car in the hands of good people for putting it back to stock. (I enjoy all 71-73 Mustangs, but originality is just my personal thing.) This is all VERY preliminary, at this point, but it's never a bad time to get some good info for possible future reference. :thankyouyellow:
  7. Thanks for the welcomes! :D Here are some old photos. First, the 1972 Sportsroof. You may notice the following: Missing front bumper guards (the Marti report shows it came with them), front valance a bit bent downward in the middle, missing Mustang script on the front fender, dent on the left side of the rear valance. Before my parents got the car, it was owned by one of my half-brothers. He drove up one day with no driver's door on the car. It was sitting in the back seat. He had parked on a street, opened the door, and before he stepped out (thankfully) a drunk came along and smashed it right off and it went skidding down the street. When the cops got ahold of the guy, he said "I thought that was a helluva bump!" A body shop at the time found a compatible dark blue door at a junk yard in Ohio. It was shipped in, repainted light blue, and the car was repaired. Later, the woman whom my half-brother was married to at the time got into an accident while driving the car. The repairs from that were definitely not done well. That poor car suffered a lot before my parents got it. The accidents, rust, and a German Shepard that threw up in it. Talk about indignity! An interesting thing revealed by the Marti report is the coincidence with the numbers in the car's VIN and the zip code of the selling dealer. Now for photos of the 1973 hardtop. One interesting thing about this car is that the driver's and passenger's seats were reversed at the factory. The release handles for the seat backs were inboard instead of outboard. I switched the seats to their proper sides when I got the car. I mounted a 69/70 front license plate bracket on the car, by reaming out the holes in it to the necessary diameter. Then, a couple of weeks later, the original owner came down for a visit and brought the original bracket. He'd forgotten that he had it hanging up in his garage. (I never did use it, though.) He was a nice guy. He passed away in March, at age 92. His obituary mentioned his love for the Mustang. They didn't have a photo of the car, so I posted one for them. The following photos were taken shortly after I bought the car. It still had its original tires, after 23 years. I had to replace them, of course.
  8. Hi, My family had a 1972 base Sportsroof back in 1977. It was code 3B light blue, with medium blue vinyl interior. It had the 302, auto trans, power steering, manual drum brakes all around, and dual sport mirrors. It's long gone, but I do have the original owner's manual, the invoice, and a Deluxe Marti Report as souvenirs. My parents traded the car for a 1973 Gran Torino wagon, but rust was an issue with that almost as much as it had been with the Mustang. In August of 1977, we went to a nearby used car dealer. He had 3 71-73 Mustangs on the lot. A Saddle Bronze Metallic / Ginger 73 hardtop that was quite rusty. A nice 72 Grande that was Ivy Glow with white vinyl top and white interior. And a beautiful 73 Mach 1 that was also Saddle Bronze / Ginger. That car had the standard interior, standard hood, 302, auto trans, hub caps and trim rings....but it did have a/c and the Sport Deck fold down rear seat. My dad and I really liked that car. It was in really nice condition and the trade deal for our station wagon was also very good. But, at the last minute, my mother decided to look at new Fords. She fell in love with a 1977 'Limited Edition' Maverick. That was that. No Mustang. I had an art teacher in 8th grade who had a stunning 1971 Mach 1 that was Grabber Blue with argent stripes and white Mach 1 interior. It had the 351 Cleveland 2 barrel and auto trans. She got rid of it in 1983 for a 1980 Mustang that was brown inside and out. Art teacher?!? Go figure.... I found the place where she sold the 71 and I could have purchased the car for $1500. It had some rust, but not a lot. But, I was 16 at the time and there was no extra room in the garage, yada, yada.... In 1996, I bought a 1973 hardtop with under 25k original miles on it. It was white inside and out, had the 302, auto trans, power steering, manual brakes all around, and dual sport mirrors. Reminded me a lot of the 72 Sportsroof. I had it a while, replaced a bunch of stuff because of it sitting quite a lot, and eventually sold it. Thirty months after I sold it, I bought it back for less than I paid the first time. And it had a nice new repaint and a few other cosmetic details upgraded. Kept it for a while again and then traded it for a 1979 Ranchero GT. Right now, I don't have any classic Fords, but I hope to have another 71-73 Mustang in the near future. Oh....one last thing. In the early 80s, a neighbor just down the road had a 1972 Sportsroof that was rusty to the point that the gas tank was being held up by a 2 x 4. The grille was gone. I wanted to buy the car for a field car. We had 6 acres. The guy only wanted $250 for the car. My parents wouldn't go for that, either. Well, I was reading Marti's 'Mustang by the Numbers' book several years ago and discovered that car was the only one ever made that was a 1972 Sportsroof in Medium Goldenrod with green interior. Oh, the ones that got away.... :(
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