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  1. Well got the engine all buttoned back up. Next, add some fresh oil and charge the battery to try and start her! Right after I clean up the rat next of wiring are the solenoid ?‍♂️
  2. Well out with the 2bl and in with the 4! Edelbrock 750 and Edelbrock performer 351-2v
  3. Beautiful car. And I found the door sticker and I don’t believe it was a special order. I’ve attached below.
  4. So my plans are get the original 351c running with a new Edelbrock intake and a Holley demon carb. Other plans will include a new gauge Cluster, suspension upgrade (tcp). Body wise, I’m playing with the idea of doing this hood since mine is damaged. This is not my photo I actually Pulled it from another post on this forum.
  5. So! Found some rust in the battery tray. And by some I mean the battery tray is gone. Sooo! Gonna be busting out the welder. Also pulled the intake and carb off to get ready to throw on a Edelbrock performer 2v dual plane I picked up used $160 on eBay. Gonna get a powder coat machine from Harbour Freight. Not sure what color yet. Thoughts? Thinking going with a Holley Demon Carb. Had great success with one on my 69 F350 with a 460. In the future will do the Holley sniper or similar. One for the interior all cleaned out too. They did a number on the steering column. But I have title in hand so yay!
  6. Got her all clean! Also bought a set of foose wheels as two of the tires are destroyed and I’m not a fan of the 14” magnums.
  7. Hey everyone! I just picked a 73 Mach1, 351c 2v C6 auto bone stock. Not currently running but the that should change! Always wanted to do my own build thread so here it goes! Part1: Get title. Car was purchased super cheap as it didn’t have a title and needed needed to go thru the bonded process. Part2: Clean! See what we really have to work with! More to come!
  8. nvm - found it! https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/1534806-ford-400-351c-351m-serpentine-conversion.html
  9. Okay so next question to see if I can avoid starting a new thread. Does anyone know if a late model serpentine setup from a 351w or 302 be modded on to the Cleveland?
  10. Lost me with DSO number. Where is that located?
  11. Got it! Thx. The temptation to use this is because it’s $150 vs $330. I’ll probably just wait and get the correct one. Thx for the replies!
  12. Hey thanks! Sooo if I read that, which I could be totally wrong! but then yes? I should be fine?
  13. Hey everyone. So lets start off with, I'm cheap. I want to swap the barrel carb and intake for a 4. I found a f351online for a 351c. Asked the seller what heads for and he said either. I do know, the 4v heads have larger ports so the intake would as well and this will cause turbulence issues? But I cannot find a lot of info on this intake since its the older version of the performer... Thoughts?
  14. Hey everyone, my name is Chris, I just recently got to start playing with my new toy, 1973 Mach1. Picked it up a few months ago for a steal but had to go through a bonded title process which the post office lost 3 times. Oh well it was worth it! Not my first mustang or classic. I also own a 1969 F350 Crewcab long bed(from factory) and have owned 2-1970 mustang coupes, a 67 cougar and a 72 f250. lollerz My wife thinks I may have a problem.... OH WELL! Any who, I don't get to see a lot of 71-73 mach's in Az, or atlas not looking in the right places. Would love to be able to see if theres routine shows or groups, aside from good guys and the pavilions. Goals for the car, wanting to make it a weekend warrior, lol, and maybe get a little squirely in autocross (yes I know its a boat, don't care). My mach is not road worthy yet. Since I just got it literally only vacuumed it out. Im debating on a few things as well. I believe it has the numbers match 351c, 2b carb 2v heads but, I can't see the engine code above the starter. So the dilemma, If it is numbers matching, do I play with it and get it running, (swapping intake and carb at minimum) or, SWAP!!! 302 or 351 out of late model fords and trash the refi and go sniper and store the original.... I am not partial to keeping it original, but I don't want to do anything that will drastically affect the value, or cannot be undone. example, not doing a mustang 2 fs swap. Although will upgrade the suspension from TCP. decisions decisions. Any who let me know thoughts!!!!
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