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  1. About those tabs: you might want to weld them on while the new cowl is out of the car, I had to stand on my head to weld them in after the fact. These brackets were the only ones I could see that they left off from my new cowl. Here is what my cowl "patch" looked like after welding on, I did not get the perfect circle I was hoping for but it was the best I could do. I welded it around the little lip that remained after I drilled off the drivers "hat". I then put sealer around top and bottom. The first picture of patch is peeking through the top of cowl, the bottom is as you look up
  2. I purchased a full floor from dynacorn that included both seat platforms for fastback. I compared replacements to my originals and they are very close in height if not spot on. I ended up reusing my originals so I have the new ones extra. If you cannot get them from Ohio mustang I would be willing to sell them. They would cost a bunch to ship as they are big and heavy. BTW-those bare metal ones in the picture look terrible. The black ones pictured are what I have and they match all the factory shapes like they should. I had an issue with my new full floor in that the shape was a bit
  3. Hi, are you aware that dynacorn makes a nice fastback style full roof for these now? Old tread....
  4. Does anyone know what this car sold for at auction? I really like the greens on this car. cant believe someone would paint it white but I guess we all have our preferences.
  5. My 71 Mach 1 had the entire bottom painted/primered with a dark olive green (this was under the factory tarlike undercoating). My interior as seen on firewall and kick panel areas was the reddish brown. I can enclose pictures later is anyone is interested. I have not figured out what color my inside trunk was primered with originally as it was heavily damaged and recovered. I have thought it was strange that no one else has talked about ford using odd colors on the car floors as they did on mine. certainly factory applied as it is underneath every bracket that I have cut off car.
  6. My Dearborn ‘71 J Code AZ Vert had “0” red oxide anywhere on the car... I painstakingly and carefully checked many areas of the car before stripping and sending out for blasting. The undernearth primer colour was a very dark grey/black combination. Interestingly enough, the Underneath of this car had been over sprayed at the factory with sound deadner ( not undercoating!). I returned the underneath as close to as I found it. Like you, I tried to concentrate on the overspray body colour underneath, except for the the afterward’s... applied black paint to the visible area of metal sticking
  7. I recall posting a craigslist ad from Saginaw Michigan on this site a few months ago. The subject was a somewhat clean looking 351C mach 1 1972? relatively intact but well worn with the engine out. The asking price was $5000. which did not seem to be a bargain to me but not insane either. "Someone" from Carolina responded that the price was outrageous and that he bought running driving cars all the time for $1000-1500. I was confused at the time as I don't see any $1000. running cars like that in MI or down south when I went down "car scrounging" a few years ago. Now after seeing pics o
  8. I knew I could count on David to torpedo this one... ::thumb:: Location, location, location. Come to the rust belt and this is the kind of garbage people want $2k+ for. Not saying they'll get it, but that's what's out there. Most anything that runs and drives with semi-decent paint starts at $10k around here. https://westernmass.craigslist.org/cto/d/westfield-1972-mustang-mach-factory/6890366570.html https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/cto/d/beverly-1973-ford-mustang-mach-1-project/6909446145.html That is just what I was thinking...I don't see many old car bargains in
  9. What do you think about the price? I am not crazy about the idea that someone has already pulled the engine and trans. So many people discard parts and details when they disassemble them. I already have one basket case. My personal preference is colorful cars (green, yellow, blue) mine is pewter which is ok. Engine stuff is easy and it being out makes it easier to inspect the body of the car. Depends on how much rust there actually is. If it needs an A-pillar, a trunk floor and a cowl, then it's real high. If that's just surface rust and there is minimal or no other rust rep
  10. Given the pictures don't show much, it could have AC, PS, PDB, AM 8track, intermittent wipers and a host of other options. I'd call a factory stripe, H-code auto car a decent restoration subject, especially with how original this one looks. Heck, I don't even see any rust on the taillight panel and it still has the dealer's emblem on the trunklid. What do you think about the price? I am not crazy about the idea that someone has already pulled the engine and trans. So many people discard parts and details when they disassemble them. I already have one basket case. My personal pref
  11. I never heard the word "Saginaw" till i learnt my steering box had the name. Is there any connection to the place name? Absolutely. Home of Saginaw steering gear. Made m-1 carbines during the big war along with some other big gun parts. Changed to delphi i believe and i think its called nexteer this week...I believe it was part of GM/AC but I may be wrong about that..im sure its complicated. Also home to saginaw bay that has some of the best walleye fishing around. I work in saginaw but do not live there. Can get rowdy on the east side at night....
  12. https://saginaw.craigslist.org/cto/d/saginaw-1972-mustang-mach-1/6908297438.html Seems interesting but very plain?
  13. I think those were out of the Cobra II grilles from the late 70's? (or king cobras). I remember having to get a hold of one when I was a young person in high school and was so excited to have a little cobra emblem to put someplace similarly inappropriate and silly for my junky old 66 mustang..
  14. Does anyone know what happened with this car? More importantly if the floors, trunk , cowl etc. were solid about how much would a car in this condition be worth ? I really like the green myself...opinions on value? My car is a basket case and I am wishing I had waited for one like this...
  15. Same thing happened to me. I purchased a nice professional quality tool from amazon and carefully worked my way around the sides and top, the rope cut hard. Just when I thought I was finished the windshield cracked as I was trying to wiggle the blade back to the side to remove it. If I had a do over I would try the cable/wire. I tried my best to keep the blade from contacting the glass (trying to angle the blade towards frame the whole time) but it seems the glue was so firm and cut so hard that no matter how hard I tried I kept hearing the little scrunching noise of the glass as I was m

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