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  1. Hey Folks, been trying to find this type of centre or hubcaps for a while now but didn't have any luck so far. Does anyone maybe know a name, or a place where to get them? They look like the centre caps for rallywheels, but have the Mustang emblem on them.' Thanks for the help
  2. Thanks guys, Ill call the guys from mustangs unlimited. They seem to be very reasonable priced thanks for all the help
  3. Hi all Since I am still pretty new to the scene, I wondered if anybody can recommend a good dual exhaust system for the 302 engine. I Still got the single oem installed. I want to get that nice rumbling v8 sound that I am so addicted too. The oem exhaust fails in that aspect Thanks for the help
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome everybody Ill keep you all posted with pics how the car will progress
  5. Yeah its all original condition Odo says 45k miles Thought rolled over but interior is almost brand new condition Looks like an all original miles survivor car
  6. Hi all Just gave myself a graduation present in the form of a 1973 mustang coupe 302 I have lots of plans for the car and excited to join the community. I apologise already in advance for all the questions I got
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