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  1. Oh my gosh... I've l-o-n-g pursued a diagram to match my '73 Q-code 'vert w/automatic and a/c and have yet to find one that the diagram configuration matches what's already on the engine, so I created my own mashup of what I see in the manual and what I see under the hood. But yes: it's not just Q-code; automatic & a/c also change the configuration. Good luck!
  2. I have 99% the same car, but with the C-6 automatic and black interior. And still needs some work. But, wow, I sure like the looks of the white interior.
  3. I *should* be doing this now in the summer since the desert heat will make the top material far more flexible and easy to work with. Please keep us updated!
  4. I just did this about two weeks ago, so all the parts WCCC used in the video I confirm will fit, although I didn't replace the neutral safety switch. And the black aluminum piece I got seems to have some extra metal attached I needed to remove. The rubber around the shift stem I replaced, too (although it's not in either video). Just don't forget that the bushing that keeps the shifter from flopping side to side is in two parts: one goes in from the outside, the inside part rests inside of that.
  5. Interesting. This video shows a small black piece they seemed to have discarded and did not reinstall, and the remnants of the blue filter they also omitted. There's a video by West Coast Cougar that includes both of these.
  6. Awesome timing on this question! My passenger side is off for work on the power window, and I've been reluctant to put it back on until I figure out how to better secure it. Funny how 47 year old cardboard just doesn't last ;)
  7. That would be the holy grail... I've been looking for quite some time as my configuration does not match any of the Ford manual configurations and those vacuum hoses are a trip. '73 Q code w a/c and automatic.
  8. What's this nonsense about the '73s never having hockey-stick style side stripes?
  9. I ordered four yards of the Comfortweave. You may need a bit more if you have fold-down rear seats.
  10. Good to know! That's the route I'll be taking, too.
  11. You were in pretty much the same boat as I am now. I hoped it all worked out for you? You never updated your other post so I'm curious, how long did it take TMI to produce your seat covers?
  12. Same as mine: driver seat shot but passenger and rear in good shape, although upholstery not yet replaced. PO swapped the driver seat, with a broken frame, for the passenger side so the seat in the driver spot ain’t quite right.
  13. Wouldn't it be if they were? NOS is great and all that, but at this point, it would still be 47 year old product. So, yeah, IF they're actually making the correct knitted weave from modern materials, that would be fantastic. I guess next update will be May :whistling:
  14. It was mid to late March when someone here posted SMS Fabrics was having a 19% off sale. Nearly 20% off was too good to pass up so I ordered 4 yards of black Comfortweave, and was invoiced and charged on 4/1. Now that's it's the end of April and no update, I inquired, which led to a series of replies I don't quite know what to make of. First reply: "This is not a stock item and we are making more, earliest will be end of May." Okay, I thought I was buying NOS and that NO ONE was making this woven/knitted vinyl anymore so I had to ask: "I’m confused; this fabric has not been ma
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