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  1. Not just a Canada thing. Often have to visit several different sites to find what I need in stock.
  2. Don C hit a bingo on this one. For engine, seems the key can be anywhere between OFF and START (3/8"? of play), but for gauges, the correct alignment is right up next to where the resistance begins before START.
  3. A milestone of sorts:  driving home from having the differential rebuilt and a new set of tires put on, I got hollered at while stopped at a light.

    "Do you want to sell it?"

    That felt pretty darn good.

  4. Seems his concerns were perhaps for naught. Thanks y’all — I knew I’d seen that config in other posts and no issues mentioned 👍
  5. I ordered 15”x7” w 4” backspace wheels and 245 R60-15 tires. Looking over the warnings and instructions my installer points out the “once mounted you own them” provisions for both. He’s concerned they’ll hit the fender when turning. What sayeth the great minds? More backspace? Smaller tires? (Prior were 235 but 14”) Stock 48 year old suspension.
  6. Grinding and a leak = rear end rebuild. Thought I'd ask if there are any "While you're at it, it would be good to do..." suggestions. Already have checking the u-joints once the diff is opened up and axle seals. What else? Also, currently have 3.25 gears (351C-4V, C6) which means about 2600 rpm at 55 mph; my guy says won't even feel 3.00 gears but will reduce rpm and improve mileage. Your thoughts?
  7. “Audri” for my grand-niece who inherits the car. It gives me a goal: to finish by the time she gets a drivers license. And I just ordered vanity plates today, the 60s California black with yellow lettering. A guy down the street has a 68 Camaro SS in orange, trimmed in white. He got the black plate with yellow letters, too, but painted the letters orange. Lame (lol)
  8. So sorry for your loss, but welcome back. Grief has it's own timeline and maybe this is a step at re-engaging. I know it can be hard. Car looks great, and the photos are terrific! Your front tag reminded me of when not only County but last name initial was included; my last Kansas tag was SW C 109x and that was, "ahem", sometime in the 70s. Also in the 70s, I went to a local Mustang club meet in Nebraska, straight up from Topeka and right over the state line it seems. And that's really about all I can tell you - lol. I find some of my greatest moments of peace are behind the wheel on a long road with a destination of nowhere in particular... just you, the car and the cruise.
  9. Now see, I'd never heard of Mac's Auto Parts either until I was mentioned above. Lookie: they're Ecklers.
  10. I guess that's part of my surprise: I didn't sign up, do not remember ever seeing their name and now an at-least-daily marketing/sales e-mail. Not a deal breaker, just odd.
  11. After 2.5 years into restoring, it was a surprise to me when Eckler's popped up out of the blue. I don't think I've heard them discussed before so I'm asking if anyone has heard of and used them? I had a problem ordering their catalog (yeah, old school) so I was at first nonplussed, but then I changed browsers and all was fine. Randomly picking "rear quarter panel full lh convertible" for comparison: CJPony: $482, Eckler: $497, NPD: $582.
  12. Stared into the darkness that is the passenger door trying to figure out how y'all remove the power window motor without the Ford recommended procedure of drilling new removal holes. Every post I've seen that doesn't involve cutting access holes is along the lines of "easy-breezy: remove door skin, add a little magic sauce, remove the motor". Just trying to figure out the magic sauce.
  13. Definitely yes. I looked and lurked and lingered for years, drooling when the "just right" combo of age, options and condition felt right until I finally pulled the trigger (and wrote the check). Problem now is I don't think I'm going to want to give up the car, ever.
  14. Got the car back late yesterday afternoon from having the top replaced. He did an excellent job - so tight and tidy. Painted the underframe, all new tack strips, put in new weatherstripping, nice new rear window -- AND detailed the interior! I'm love all over again. It's still 100+ degrees in the afternoon here so waited until this morning for a cruise around. Got 10 gal of gas and headed to Sonic for drinks, then home. Perhaps 20 mile round trip. The error summary: (new) Gas tank leaks at about the 3/4 mark (I expect its about where the filler pipe meets the tank?) Differential leaks a bit (and that oil is *black*; needs a change) Transmission leaked from where I shifted into reverse and backed down our 80' driveway Next trip will be back to the shop for these issues and a few others out of my scope. Nevertheless, ===> the 20 mile drive was awesome <===
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