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  1. Radio and speakers have been so far down on my list with other more essential repairs and replacements, but now because of a wait for parts I've been considering other things on the master list. I have been following your posts, David, and they're only confirming that what I've got are not originals. I have all the wiring and boots since the car came with door speakers (and power windows). I hadn't thought about replacing cones on these non-original speakers but if I did score a "real" pair, I just might. I do think I'll at least make a template for the original size then use that to see how much mine has been hacked. Take a gander at Moosestang's photos; the door opening for the speaker is smooth and precise. Then look at mine. I know the photo isn't great but you can see it's jagged and rough and larger than it oughta be. I need to pull the speakers and get better photos but dang it, I only have my driveway for shop space and it's 113 today. Ugh.
  2. Original door speakers were 4"x10", weren't they? Of course, that's a very difficult size to find. But then I got to thinking about what a 4"x10" would look like and then looked again at mine -- no way these are 4"x10". Not originals, I'm guessing the nominal size is 6"x9". And once I got up close and personal, I see the original speaker opening has been cut larger so I'm not sure I could mount 4"x10"s if I even found them. Crutchfield has a Kicker brand 6"x9" as a pair for $199; that's about what I'm willing to pay, but I'm totally open to other suggestions. I have not checked the depth requirement, but here's the link for the Cruthchfields: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_20640PS692/Kicker-40PS692.html
  3. The shop I'm having replace my shredded, torn and totally useless *original* top finally got confirmation the top will arrive next week, so about 1.5-2 weeks after drop off on August 6, I will finally have a functional top on my '73. Funny that it was only the top (by EzOn) that was the holdup; pads, well liner, cables and parts all came quickly, only the top is lagging behind. Hope I haven't jinxed it by staking out the date! ha ha
  4. Car went to the shop for tuning, replace gas tank & sender and other work. They gave me back my car with about 1/4 of a tank showing on the gauge. Before the new sender, it only ever registered Empty. A few short drives around the 'hood over a few weeks and the tank was again approaching E so drove down and put $30 worth in (at $4.59/gal, was about 5-6 gallons). After the shop visit, all gauges (including fuel!) were working great. After getting gas and starting the car up, the gauges were seemingly DOA. Fuel gauge: less than empty. Oil: no pressure. Ammeter: no movement. Temp: below "C" (and I'd driven around a bit before getting gas so car was easily warm). Drove home -- no change. No pressure, no juice, no temp and looked like no gas. As I pulled into the driveway, I was already composing this post. Turned the car off and got out, then something told me to start it again so I did. All gauges registered normally! 1/2 tank gas, medium oil, slight positive juice, firmly middle of the gauge temperature. What's up with this?
  5. I think I found your original post with rebuild instructions because this set of pictures is also there, however the four .PDF files listed in that post did not get correctly converted it seems with the new board software. All four links return a message something like “clear your bookmarks, that board is closed…”
  6. Nice! And good representation of the interior 👍 That almost looks like genuine Comfortweave…is it so?
  7. I just encountered this BIG G-D WATERMARK today when I received the same set. You are absolutely right in that in many cases the underlying image is not that clear to begin with and then with a BIG G-D WATERMARK covering the page from corner to corner, the diagram is effectively useless. I am even more p-o'ed that the BIG G-D WATERMARK on every page was not in the product description. All that said... thank you giantpune for providing a fix of sorts. I hope my latent unix skills are sufficient.
  8. I had the factory installed door speakers and finding an appropriate replacement so you don't have to cut the door is next to impossible, so I went with these from CJPony Parts. Currently on backorder...
  9. I had tilt in my '71 and now I miss it in my '73. Interested in the tilt column and rag joint -- prices? PM is fine if you wish.
  10. I know... but the point was the gap is black
  11. (Don't holla' at me for the dirt; it's a work in progress) I'd like to get the bumper moved a bit out, but only on the driver's side. Will probably need to use shims. I think spacing on the passenger side is correct. But, posting so that you can see the gap piece is indeed black as delivered from the factory.
  12. Awesome info and thank you for including part numbers. Have you installed all this yet and if so, what is the verdict on fitment?
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