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  1. SMS said they'd be manufacturing a new roll of the 71-73 Comfortweave way back in March and I placed an order, but never heard back. When I inquired about a delivery date (a month later) I received a response it was being manufactured now, then when I inquired when that would be delivered, I received the response they'd receive a new roll in August. In September I wrote asking when I should expect delivery and have not heard back since. I just dropped them another note asking for an update but I'm not optimistic. Anyone else with experiences/thoughts/ideas? I don't want to have to but
  2. If you get to the point of splitting pairs of things: I need the Driver's side seat frame (I really only need the bottom, but whole frame is ok - you can remove all the old ulphostery to save on shipping weight). And if you split the front power motor pair, I need the passenger side.
  3. Thank you! I did not expect to be as entertained as I was. Great capture of that period.
  4. Sorry I'm late to this but I see you're breaking up the power windows. Do you still have the passenger door motor? Thanks
  5. Oh my gosh... I've l-o-n-g pursued a diagram to match my '73 Q-code 'vert w/automatic and a/c and have yet to find one that the diagram configuration matches what's already on the engine, so I created my own mashup of what I see in the manual and what I see under the hood. But yes: it's not just Q-code; automatic & a/c also change the configuration. Good luck!
  6. I have 99% the same car, but with the C-6 automatic and black interior. And still needs some work. But, wow, I sure like the looks of the white interior.
  7. I *should* be doing this now in the summer since the desert heat will make the top material far more flexible and easy to work with. Please keep us updated!
  8. I just did this about two weeks ago, so all the parts WCCC used in the video I confirm will fit, although I didn't replace the neutral safety switch. And the black aluminum piece I got seems to have some extra metal attached I needed to remove. The rubber around the shift stem I replaced, too (although it's not in either video). Just don't forget that the bushing that keeps the shifter from flopping side to side is in two parts: one goes in from the outside, the inside part rests inside of that.
  9. Interesting. This video shows a small black piece they seemed to have discarded and did not reinstall, and the remnants of the blue filter they also omitted. There's a video by West Coast Cougar that includes both of these.
  10. Awesome timing on this question! My passenger side is off for work on the power window, and I've been reluctant to put it back on until I figure out how to better secure it. Funny how 47 year old cardboard just doesn't last ;)
  11. That would be the holy grail... I've been looking for quite some time as my configuration does not match any of the Ford manual configurations and those vacuum hoses are a trip. '73 Q code w a/c and automatic.
  12. What's this nonsense about the '73s never having hockey-stick style side stripes?
  13. I ordered four yards of the Comfortweave. You may need a bit more if you have fold-down rear seats.
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