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  1. I know I won't be using the clutch dish, pressure plate or bearings. I'll be buying new parts. The transmissions is in storage at the moment. All the parts shown above (except cable conversion) are from my dad's 73 that ran 10s in the quarter before he died in the 80s. Most of the parts that I am reusing are from the same drive line so all I have to do is reassemble.
  2. Sorry it took me a while to get here but these are the pictures I promised.https://imgbb.com/upload?mode=mybb&code=hotlink&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.7173mustangs.com%2Fthread-c6-conversion-to-toploader-4-speed%3Fpage%3D3
  3. Im new to the site. I own a 73 Qcode as well as my brother and my mother. A guy on facebook is doing the same auto to manual swap I'm doing at the moment and wanted to share information here so I joined. Live in NC mechanic before the army, a mechanic in the army, medical after the army. 73Qcode is nothing special so I don't feel bad about cutting it up and making it what I want and fun to drive. currently, 351C 4V, Closed chambered heads, mild cam, Hooker super comp headers w/ 3'' collectors, Torker II intake, Holley 650, full MSD ignition down to the plugs, C6 with Boss Hogg 2800 Stall fully built, ford 9'' w/ 4,11s. It ran a 17.2 in the 1/4 before I did a thing to it and I have not been back since I started.
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