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  1. Seems that GT sytle wheel is only max 15". And btw..I was planing to attach my Ford logo dog dish to gt style wheel (need to ask does it work on it)...I don't want GT text on Mach1..:). But I need to put this on ice cause I just bought those Mach5 wheels and I keep them a while...but some day..:)
  2. Ok...good to know...looks good as painted same color as car. It was originally this way on some models ..if I remember right. Hope someone confirm 16" too... Edit: Seems that those can be get as 17" but not in 16" also there is GT version which can be attached those dog dish. I got loved these in first sight..:). So some day I will buy these..not sure is it 15" or 17". Now I have 17" American Racing Mach5 wheels and 17" is little hard on bad roads..:). 53 Series Ford GT Ralley
  3. Howdy, I have original factory installed 14x6 steel wheels with wheel trim rings and hub caps and I like the look of them. But I don't want to go for 14" wheel so I would like to know does those hub caps from 14" wheel work on 15" or 16" wheels? I have found that those trims can be bought for 15" and 16" wheels.
  4. Yes..I have read somewhere that it needs that..so If plans is to have Ram Air and example MSD then MSD need to be lower one...little more expensive but would be better choice than make changes by your self..:)
  5. Thx of more information...so seems that Air Gap (Edelbrock 7564?) is not bad if just thinking street use (one more choice)...I'm still thinking Performer. Good to know that Ram Air will fit because I'm planning to add it in future to my combination. It's easy to add...it's no matter if it will not give more horses..it will just make you feel good..:). I have also started to think that with better intake I could go to manual secondary because I have 3-speed manual (could be some day 4 - or 5-speed). But looking carburetors suggestions it will make less options...so honestly I have started
  6. Ok...so Is that 1.414 same on 2bbl heads and 4bbl carburetor? If so..570 is just on the spot...600 cfm is 424 cfm (close enough)...and even 670 cfm would not be real big (473 cfm) for calculated 406 cfm (351*5000*0,80/3456).
  7. Rgr that..my search (example Holler carburetor calculator) also give me 500cfm and thats why I've been looking max 570-600 cfm 4bbl to Edelbrock intake. My car is stock and my plans are not making her any burnout car (3-speed manual with long rear). But funny thing is that those over 600 cfm carburetors seems to be cheaper..not much but they are...and used 4bbl carburetors are mostly over 600 cfm (are they chaining to smaller or bigger..who knows). Let me know what your thoughts are after first tests...my carburetor change will be prolly 1-2 months from this..but I like to look earlier th
  8. Hmm..I should too...I'm sure that last owner didn't change that and he owned this car 22 years...so it could be real old...but still working..:D
  9. Howdy, I loan this topic...I'm planning to get Edelbrock 2750 intake for my 351C 2bbl (3-speed manual) and of courser I need new carburetor too. I've been reading topics my eyes tired which is good and which is not. Someone say that too big is not good..so with that opinion I've been thinking 570 cfm or 600 cfm carburetor. But at 4bbl thread someone tell that Cleveland likes bigger carburetor than other engines so with that information would it be better look 650 cfm , 675 cfm or even 750 cfm carburetor? I have mostly looked Quick Fuel (Brawler os Slayer) or Holley carburetor with va
  10. After running longer there is still that fuel smell after sometime..but can't see any leaks only what I can see is rippling air from those two "pipes" at top of Bowl cover..and it smells fuel. I prolly need to check carburetor one more time after I get new rebuild kit in few days. Before that I just drive...
  11. Thx your info...this will be good explain..I changed last summer repair kit and it could be that I accidentally made something to fuel level. That fuel level can checked without removing carburetor. But now I need to find information to check that fuel level to right height. I have that 2100 manual and seems that there somekind of float gauge which I don't have. Is there any other way to check that level is right? Edit: Ok..now I understand why there was L-shape paper with numbers...didn't read the manual back then...so seems that I need to cut short end from 16 (351C) and then use this p
  12. Just wondering..can Autolite 2150 type carburetor installed on 71 mustang? There is "weird" hose plug at top of plate. These can be bought very cheap from ebay...I know..you can't get good stuff cheap but this under 100$ price makes me think..
  13. Well..that would be helpfull but if you can help me and check is this ebay item right to do this brass bushing fix then I will buy it and we don't need to send reamer via post. Throttle Shaft Bushing Repair Kit
  14. Howdy, My good old original Autolite 2100 carburetor started to leak from throttle shaft. My plans for this problem are.. 1. fix leak with brass bushing (cheapest) 2. Buy new or used Autolite 2100 (or similar) (second cheapest) 3. If I could have money (which I don't) get example Edelbrox system to replace these I have looked carburetor from Rockauto (Autoline C862A or) but at RockAuto descriptions in Autoline C852 is that it's for manual trans and in the C862A is automatic trans. My carburetor model (D1OF-PA) is found at C862A extra info thought..so with that information
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