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  1. Thank you very much! I read it quickly thru and found some things that are not original on my Mach 1. Clock has been changed to tachometer (that's why I have hole on left instrument glass) and clock is now at mid console. Btw..of the topic but what is this button purpose (I found that it cancel turn signals)
  2. Thx of welcomes..:). And they are not these steel guard rails?
  3. Thanks Steve for your information. I like them and if I not paint this I will keep them. But probably if I paint car some day those can't be attached back any more (not sure how these are attached). I sure tell more about the car and plans for it..which are not big..:).
  4. Howdy, I just bought this red Mach 1 and it have chrome slats on car sides. I haven't seem them on any other Mustang so I like to know are these some factory optional accessory slats or are these third party accessories? This car was done 09/70 and bought at USA..09/71 to Sweden..could be that these are added at Sweden. I bought this from old Swedsih chap and he was in that opinion that slats are original...but I don't think so.
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