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  1. I fond the numbers vin specs for a 1972 Torino and finished vin on Hagerty and it pulls up a Torino. 2A38Q254967.2A25Q254967 all of them say Torino thanks for the info
  2. So what I understand all 1972 Torino were changed to net Horse power, was wondering what that meant?
  3. I found these numbers on the back of my block, wondering if this is my date code?
  4. I’m starting to realize that you can spend lots of money on these cars. Project after project, good thing I’m not trying to flip my car. My car getting ready for paint right now. Sticking with white but it’s going to have metallic silver. The silver should make The edges light up.
  5. Just seeing what price everyone thinks this car is going to go for at Mecum Denver? I think 35 k https://www.mecum.com/lots/DN0719-377996/1972-ford-mustang-mach-1-fastback/
  6. Here is the 4 speed transmission code
  7. Just trying to figure out if I want to make it original or modify the car.
  8. So I’m re doing my intake gasket and the part number is fel 1228 saying 4v 351 c. Would it still make the car worth money because it’s still the right engine?
  9. Marti report said my car was finished on January 12 1972, wondering if 71 numbers should match this.
  10. Could of been 37A2 or 27A3 using a mirror
  11. So I pulled the starter and it said D2AE-CA. 2C1 and on the driver side looked like 2A73 or 2A72
  12. Thanks, I will use that port on the carburetor. I’m trying to figure out the right intake manifold gasket to fix the leak. I went to the auto parts store last night and they have two different gaskets. The number is Edelbrock 3744463 torker 351, I was wondering if anyone knew what the right gasket is?
  13. I also wonder if I purchased ram air if it would work with this carb? and if it would have more power?
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