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    Bought a 71 Fastback with Mach 1 clone started


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  1. james

    Mustang Aug 1d.jpg

    302, .030 over, mild cam, Holley 600, factory 4bbl intake, Hooker headers, 3" tubes to Magnaflow mufflers.
  2. So i'm not a techie. Don't know how to change the size  of my pics to up-load. Help?

    1. cv_72mustang


      Hi , without getting into the details try this link. Pick a higher compression.  Stick with jpg. 


    2. cv_72mustang


      Sorry posted this under status. Dumb!

  3. Just rebuilt my 302 in my 71, .030 over with mild cam, new 4 core aluminum radiator. Temp runs about 190 but when I run it for a while it gets hot and blows coolant from the cap. Tried a 16 lb. cap and then a 13 lb. cap but no change. Any suggestions?

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    2. Don C

      Don C

      New correct thermostat? New hoses? Are you sure the thermostat is installed in the correct orientation? The spring should be inserted into the intake manifold and the "bridge" should be in the coolant outlet neck.

    3. james


      Yes, everything is new although I did have the motor rebuilt by someone else who is experienced. But I will take apart and investigate. Any thoughts on no thermostat at all? I  live in Phx. and have removed the a/c and just looped the heater hoses. By the way, thanks for responding. This is the first time I have ever  been on a forum and asked for help. (i'm a guy!) I also need help up-loading pics. All of my files are at least 4 mb and they're too large.

    4. Don C

      Don C

      I would say no, the cooling system is designed with the restriction from the thermostat taken into consideration. The popular consensus is that the coolant flows too fast without a thermostat to soak up heat from the engine. I believe that because fast flowing fluids (gases and liquids) form a  boundary layer and faster flowing fluids creates more turbulence which causes a thicker boundary layer,  effectively insulating the engine block.

  4. james

    new member

    I have a 71 Fastback going Mach 1 clone, and I need a little help.

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