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  1. Just rebuilt my 302 in my 71, .030 over with mild cam, new 4 core aluminum radiator. Temp runs about 190 but when I run it for a while it gets hot and blows coolant from the cap. Tried a 16 lb. cap and then a 13 lb. cap but no change. Any suggestions?

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      Yes, everything is new although I did have the motor rebuilt by someone else who is experienced. But I will take apart and investigate. Any thoughts on no thermostat at all? I  live in Phx. and have removed the a/c and just looped the heater hoses. By the way, thanks for responding. This is the first time I have ever  been on a forum and asked for help. (i'm a guy!) I also need help up-loading pics. All of my files are at least 4 mb and they're too large.

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