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  1. HI Fabrice , I already went through your thread :p very good job ::thumb:: For the moment i'm focusing of those in mexico, you can have it there around 10k 20K euro, no problem with underbody rust. and part will be cheaper to sent here (in mexico) to play on the car than having to deal for customs like us back in Europe. + gazole is cheaper here has well :p If i got good money after my current project end (Mercedes in germany) i might open my looking to the US.
  2. HI everyone so Where to start ... ? Im 28, site manager for the car industry, therefor I move around quite a lot, I Have a Nissan GTR 2011 home in france, and was building the new plant in San luis potosi in 2018 for BMW; A colleague a mine was looking to get a mustang 2000ish to get it ship later in luxembourg for his retirement and while we were looking on the internet i found a old 71 coupe among the announce. AND I LOOOOVVVEEEDDDDD IT :D . (who said love at first sign was dead ? ) :whistling: SOOOOOooooo quick jump to ATM #bank, transfer the pesos to a mexican colleague who arrange the buy and transport from mexico city and there i was with my new/old 71 :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: . First time driving a classic... let said my first thought was balanced. squeaky noise everywhere, brake... who said brake ? those are to slowdown the beast, not to brake !!! lollerz A/C not equip (remember, mexico 30 - 40°), speedo not working, suspension ... (again mexico :angel: enjoy the well finish road lol) So ya, more a : "what did I do ?" than "HELL, love it." yep forger to mention did drive the car until i got it :chin: . BUT after couple of week i got use to all of those has a , it part of the charm and part of the car so ::thumb:: . Now fast forward till end of the year 2018, project is finish and my hope to get it back to france to really start the resto plan because no existant, has for first reason, new law regarding pollution in france so many owner went to try register their car has classic, which over loaded the organisation who made those possible and fact that i would probably won't be able to drive it directly out of the boat, light issues, many electric wire cut and F...ck around by previous owners (i think 11 in total :p) all of this leading to having to sell it. :s :s Now Im back in SLP for vacation with my GF, who s living there and looking to get new one has "I MISS MY BIG NOISY TREMBLING V8 !!!" even my 510HP V6 back home feel tasteless, super duper crazy stupidly fast YES !!!, But no old school V8 :p here is the picture of my last loved one. lien image html
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