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  1. anyone have a set of the optional forged aluminum wheels for sale ?
  2. Sorry,long gone. just saw how old this post was , missed out ,the search goes on
  3. thanks , would like to really find an OG in blue but this is a good backup plan
  4. just bought the wife a 1973 Mach one off the original owner . pretty much near mint condition . needs door panels and she wants the full length center console as well .
  5. looking for a blue full length center console for the wifes 1973 mach one
  6. Hey Just bought my wife a 1973 Mach one and had a few questions . did any cars in 73 come with a wood steering wheel ? she wants to keep it original but she like the wood wheel as do I. how hard is it to come by a blue center console ? she is looking for the full length one .
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