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  1. Thanks for all the nice words - I can tell that this community has got some great folks that love to share their interests and know-how to fellow enthusiasts! I look forward to visiting often!
  2. I saw a car like that a couple of weeks ago! Wait a minute...It was YOUR car! Thanks to DW for introducing me to this site -
  3. Joined a few days ago, thought it was time to say hello - I've got two '71's Mach 1's that I've had since the mid '80's. The first one I acquired was a Yellow Gold H code built in November 1970. A year or so later, I found a fairly nice Wimbledon M code, probably one of the last 71's with closed chamber heads. The 2bbl car was pretty much a beater...We really didn't like the color, and since it was not as "desireable" as a 4bbl or a Boss, we figured we'd change it a little by making it a 4 bbl, and changing the color. A white car is what we wanted, so we started the restoration.
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