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  1. So I bought a 73 q code (numbers match) mach with 351 c. I haven't run the marti report yet but im curuios to the opinions of the wise ones... It is a nice driver right now motor was rebuilt about 2k ago and paint is not gonna win shows but is respectable its orange now was orig a bright red. Do I restore back to original or do i just have fun and do what ever I feel like doing? It was a air car that has the air conditioning removed (would have to buy replacement) other than that what do you think??
  2. So I just ran a bottle of seafoam through the carb and changed the fuel filter, this did seem to improve the issues. Part of the problem is my inexperience when it comes to driving a old classic with a v8. Not sure what i should be expecting for power but it does seem to be running smoother and i will have my guy take it for a spin to see if it needs further attention thanks for the help and i will keep you all informed...
  3. so when it was in the mechanic did the following..clean front and rear fuel bowls, replaced needle and seat o rings, replaced bad power valve adjusted fuel bowls levels as needed,adjusted idle mixture screws adjusted ignition timing..... he also replaced the thermostat (ive ordered a tmeyer with the correct thermostat) which is working ok... after talking with him he said to bring it in and he would look at it to determine what is up with the issues im having......ill keep you updated ...
  4. Thanks guys I will let you know what i find out from mechanic today your knowledge is appreciated...
  5. Hi everyone, So bought 73 mach one with q code 351 cleveland. She had been sitting (less than a 1k in ten years and 2k over the past 20 after a rebuild) and idle was rough so brought it in. My mechanic told me he changed thermostat and took off bowls and rejetted carbs as they were dirty. So it now is kind of herky jerky when it comes to throttle response best described as it seems to load op on fuel then take off. I changed out the plugs tonight and discovered each plug smelled of gas/oil and were slick to the touch. So i think it is running rich? what should I do? thanks again...
  6. Hi everyone, Just bought a 73 q code mach one with a 351 cleveland, auto . Looking forward to learning all a upload imagebout it and here are some pics.....
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