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  1. I love my hammershifter. I will snap a pic next time im in the car for ya. I think im going to have to modify the b&m bracket for mine to work the headers and exhaust are just way to close to even get the bracket in there.
  2. Just invert it, put it uppside down. Like this. This is on a 4r70 but should wotk fine on the AOD/E I dont know if that would work on the aod you have the tv cable lever in that spot.
  3. I recently installed a aod transmission in my 72 after installing im having trouble finding a shifter bracket that will allow me to hook my shift cable to my trans and shift correctly. I'm running a b&m hammer shifter. The main problem is the headers are to close to the trans to allow the b&m bracket to be bolted to the trans pan. The headers are flowmaster ceramic coated. Any suggestions or pics of your shifter bracket would be appreciated.
  4. Does anyone know if the convertible window parts will work for this or does it have to be the coupe parts? Thanks.
  5. I'm sarting to build my own wiring harness and am looking for some part numbers and places to get replacements. The ones i need are: Taillight sockets. Reverse light sockets Front turn signal socket Marker light socket in the Mach one grill Fender marker lights Thanks for any help.
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