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  1. Way back in the day I had an old slide mount for a tape deck radio. Thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread at the time
  2. It also draws warm air off of the exhaust manifold when your cold starting.
  3. So I'm going to sell my Mach 1. I thought I would post it here first in case there's a member looking for a car. Basic details are as follows: 71 Mach 1, 351 M code Cleveland 4 barrel carb is an Edelbrock performer but I have the original autolight carb which is included. Functional ram air, C6 auto trans with a shift kit, 3.50 geared limited slip 9" rear end. Motor and trans recently rebuilt, new shocks, suspension, flowmaster exhaust. No AC. 59 k on the odometer, true miles are unknown. Black and red interior which is pristine. Drives very nice. No play in the steering w
  4. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-ford-mustang-19/
  5. Mine will be 50 on December 10.
  6. So it sounds like the starter is turning the motor over when you turn the key, but the engine just doesn't fire up ? Then after cooling off for 45 minutes it fired right up. A couple things come to mind. It sounds like it's just overheating to me? Have you checked the antifreeze level in the radiator? If that is full and it's of decent quality, maybe the thermostat is stuck closed and not allowing fluid to cycle through the motor. Is there antifreeze on the garage floor from the previous time you drove it? One thing you can do is take it to your local auto parts and have them check the a
  7. You need to add more details about what it does or doesn't do when trying to restart it. Does it turn over? Does the starter click when the key is turned ? Did you maybe flood it with gas trying to restart it?
  8. It looks like someone painted a steel bumper that they massaged to somewhat fit car.
  9. Love the paint job. The matching orange on the dash is a great look also. Awesome restoration job !
  10. The Mach 1 is faster because well, Speed Racer drove it before he got his Mach 5. No difference
  11. Thank you for the info. Which pic of mine shows the clip in the wrong position? I guess I need to get an assembly manual for the brakes so I can see exactly how that it's supposed to go together. I had no idea it was missing the back or plate
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