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  1. well, it took too long to get back to the car but replaced the power booster/mc with a new GPS unit. also found out the 2 back brake cylinders had rust that would not let it move more than maybe 10% causing the booster to fail. replaced the fuel pump, and added a edelbrock performer will 600 holley. found out that the distributer was off 1 tooth and had a chip out of the gear. all has been replaced and I know a dumb ass statement but what a difference. thanks to all for the words of wisdom,
  2. took the car out for the first time in a month and ran into a couple of problems. 1st I started backing up and there were no brakes. looking at the brake fluid and the rear container was almost empty. there was no fluid leaking that I could see. can the brake fluid back flow back into the power booster? 2nd with the car running, gas was dripping off the oil filter. what would cause that? no gas showing anywhere on the top of the manifold,
  3. Sunday got the car out for first time and like many others the brake pedal was a little spongy but the car stopped no proble. i opened the master cylinder and the front well was full of fluid but the back one was almost dry. pulled the wheels and there is no signs that i could see of leaking fluid either on the car or garage floor. looking at the other posts i am thinking the MC needs to be rebuilt. Is that thought correct or should i try other thinge first. thanks george
  4. welcome where in illinois are you located
  5. 69 camaro Z28 302 350hp had it a total of 42 days when a city of chicago garbage truck tore the front end of it off. now that was vehicular manslaughter
  6. Biking is still a lot of fun. Wife and I do about 300miles a summer . We even went on a Wine and cheese 40 mile bike ride, though i must say i probably added more calories on that the the 40 miles burned off. even rode bikes in the blue mountains of Jamaica
  7. i'm have been sitting in Tulsa airport right now for 3 hours and . 1st flight cancelled 2nd one delayed 3 more hours
  8. i want to add the center console with guages but i don't have wood grain. do you know if that is easily removed thanks george
  9. the morse code requirements got dropped a few years ago and the test and prep shouldn't cost more than $25. the nice thing with hr is that there are many options and not everyone has the same opinions as to what is the best way to go. After all these years I find the vhf bands are really not much different than cb. my opinion. I enjoy hf bands and i do build my own antennas, others love digital operations, many enjoy low power to see how far they can go with 5w or less on the hf bands. as i said before visit a local club and you will find them eager to help. just like this site my current interest is talking to other hams that have traveled and are operating from a lighthouse i just completed working lighthouses in 100 countries all the way down to fuji islands.
  10. I would be happy to help look up fcc PRB1 and that ruling states that Hoa's have to allow antennas for licensed operaters due to the emergency communications that hams help with but if you don't want to fight them i can get you plans to put an antenna into a flag pole that will allow you to talk to the world also i would check out any local ham clubs i found one in Covington county- no clue where that is in relation to you. but they have classes and administer tests
  11. Anyone going to the Northern Ill Mustang car show this weekend in Bourbonnais il
  12. My call is wb9tfr i got licensed in 1968 i've had a great time all these years Even had the chance to operate from the nasa location in Houston where they were bouncing the signal off the moon to talk to a group from russia.
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