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  1. When I rebuilt my 351 there were a number of rusty broken spring pieces in the block, from the spring coil in the radiator hose. From the score marks on the water pump impeller a couple of pieces had made it to the water pump. It took a fair bit of turning the bare block on an engine stand to finally get all the pieces out. Glad I found them before the final assembly as all the flushing, air blowing, etc during the initial cleaning of the block didn't flush them out.
  2. I did mine recently as follows; A layer of 3M strip seal between flat section of the drip rail and roof. Windscreen sealant in the groove covering the roof drip rail and then along the inner edge of the flat section of the drip rail. Taped up the rectangular holes and bent the tags back into the metal weather strip so that no sealant disappeared into these leaving holes. The screw holes give all the alignment needed. Two rows of 3m strip seal as per David’s photo on the inner trim and then more windscreen sealant along all edges particularly at the rear of the quarter window.
  3. Both front eye bolts on mine were frozen solid. Even a gas torch didn't move them and not much room for a big hammer. Sitting on the shelf in the shed was this small bottle jack I made years ago during a trade course. I was never sure what it would ever be used for but with a strip of steel against the back of the rocker panel it fitted nicely against the eye bolt. After plenty of penetrating oil, the jack pushed the bolts through. Still took a lot or force on the adjusting nut to break the bolts free. So my motto has always been, never throw anything out, it may come in handy one day.
  4. Cam, All the current door trim chrome and rubber seal, rear quarter glass,etc has to come out as the new drip rails fit underneath these strips. To get to the quarter glass, back seats, quarter trim panels, etc will also have to come out. Probably a good idea to all this to make sure it is all sealed properly. David's photos above show how the drip rail chrome is screwed in first. David
  5. Up and running at last. Primed the oil and fuel and fired it up for the first time yesterday. Started on the first crank and after a slight timing adjustment, runs great. Went for a spin round the block today. Still a few things to tidy up, wheel alignment, brake bleed and check all the electrical after the complete re-wire, full tune-up etc. Took a bit longer on the final assembly as the car came in pieces and being my first Mustang, I learnt the hard way which pieces need to go in first. Some of the reproduction items also don't fit exactly but with adjustments it all came together well. One
  6. Front finished this morning, Bumper Bar, Grille, headlights, wiring harness, AC dryer & lines, etc. The bumper bar was an effort on my own but everything lined up, so all good. Now onto the roof lining. BUT, Now realised the body shop that did the sand blasting and final disassembly sent me back the wrong front guard extensions so now it all has to come out and the correct ones installed. !!!!
  7. Thanks. I'm pleased I stayed with the original colour. Should look great once stripes, etc are done. Hopefully it should go back together fairly quickly as everything is ready to go. Finished the boot/trunk area yesterday. Seal, lights, key lock, etc. Looks better with the wheels back on. They were stored with the car (in pieces) for 10 + years by the PO. Just a clean up and polish and they came up like new.
  8. Painting finished, now for the final assembly. All interior parts are finished and ready to go back in.
  9. Thanks David for the door speaker pictures. They are a great help as I am just finishing off my new door cards and was wondering if you could give me the measurements for the speaker covers from the bottom of the door card and from the front of the card. The original diagrams mention knocking out the perforated holes but the new fiberglass cards don't have these. David
  10. The car is now at the paint shop. Should be back in a couple of weeks. I'm now getting all the interior items ready to install. Had to buy new door cards and some of the rear quarter panels. The original panels that were not damaged were painted to match the gloss of the new ones. The picture shows the old panel newly painted on the left and the new panel on the right New window seals have been fitted to the door cards and rear trims. Many of the pins on the woodgrain door panels were broken or missing. The panels themselves were still good so I put new pins in the panels. These were cut from
  11. Engine bay - final wiring, various hoses, AC condenser, distributor, etc. Now ready to fire it up. To comply with regs for registration, direction indicators need to be amber in colour and RHD conversions can't have flashing brake lights as indicator. The original RHD conversion had painted lenses in front and the reverse lights painted and used as rear indicator. I didn't like the painted lens look and managed to find a sealed indicator light that fitted almost perfectly into the front indicator housing. Not far off the original clear pattern. I'm still to decide what to do with th
  12. Progress update. Sound deadening and insulation under way. Exhaust system installed. Body work finished and off to paint shop next month for final finishing and painting.
  13. Thanks David, Fires are all out now and the grass green again. Will take some years for all that damage to recover. Point noted on the small blackout section near the tail lights. I did see that in one of your earlier posts. Park brake is the original, now mounted to the left of the steering column. Just swapped the park brake cables, anchor point, etc L to R. Not a great picture but this is how it looks.
  14. I don't envy you guys with that weather. Here's the view from my shed door this morning. Over a week of this weather so far, temp mid to high 20's Celsius. Great for bodywork and painting.
  15. Bonnet underside painted yesterday. Making the most of the great weather here. pontiac firebird insurance rates
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