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  1. Ha! Sorry, I meant the same color as mine, Wimbledon White.
  2. Small world. There was actually another 71 429 non-ram air convertible in Tucson at that time, also. It was the same color (did not have the black on the hood) with white interior and had an automatic transmission. I was a mechanic at the time and a customer of ours, a doctor, owned it. Yours is a beauty!
  3. That was a nice save! Imagine how many made it to the crusher that could've been back on the road with minimal effort.
  4. I remember a 71 429 convertible that color in Tucson back in the mid to late 70s. The guy that owned it (nice guy, a couple years older than me) and I would talk occasionally when we used see each other cruising Speedway Blvd. on Friday nights, or just around town. He was pretty hard on it! At one point he was looking for another convertible he could put a 429 in and hot rod up some. My 72 Q-code convertible (that I still have) looked similar in Wimbledon White w/black Ram Air hood so we had something in common.
  5. I enjoy seeing the great progress and attention to detail in your project. Congrats on your new pit crewmember Aaron!
  6. I've enjoyed reading through your project thread. It's great that you're building your wife's car as a couple and making memories along the way. Your car is back at home and it'll look great when you get it done. Cut and buff will take care of many of the flaws. Many of the others that you see others will never notice. There are more positives than negatives with the progress you've made to this point. You will learn more about restoration dealing with those issues that challenge your standards. I look forward to seeing the rest of the project now that is back in the hands of
  7. Bought a new drive belt for the 8 track player. I'll install it and clean up the 8 track's internals this weekend.
  8. 72 Q-code, Ram Air, C6, 3.25:1 Traction Lock, competition suspension, PDB, AM/8 track, instrumentation group, A/C, white with black interior, black top, 15 x 7 Magnum 500s, space saver spare. I bought it in 1977 from the original owner.
  9. Congratulations, bdennis! That looks like a great start for a Mustang project. Keeps us posted on your progress.
  10. Not to argue with those that have different experience, but offering my experience as a point of reference. I'm still running the original Magnum 500s on my 72 Q-code convertible with 244,000 miles. I bought this car in 1977 from the original owner (the Ford dealer's daughter) and it served as a driver for many years and is now a weekend cruiser. I've never had balance or leaking issues with these wheels. Being in AZ most of its 49 years may be a factor, too. I used to use an air impact on the lug nuts, but for the last 15-20 years have only used a torque wrench to tighten them. With a
  11. Looks nice. I'd want to look real close at where the LR fender is joined to the door jamb. It is hard to tell from the picture but it looks smoothed over. Also, it states it has a Holley carb so the original may be missing, though the fuel line does route to the left side of the carb. The NACA scoop fasteners don't look right; I thought they used a stud and nut fastener rather than machine screws. The h-pipe looks like it's pieced together and welded vs. machine-bent. Its not in my price range, but I'd drive it!
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