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  1. Virtually no benefit to gas mileage going with a 0.25 higher gear. I'd stick with the 3.25s if you are happy with the current performance. I second Rick's comments on the other bits.
  2. Condolences for your loss, Everwood. Here's to hoping the road ahead brings healing and happiness. Thanks for sharing the well-composed photos of your convertible!
  3. I bought my '72 convertible in 1977 and am still enjoying it. I bought a '73 Mach 1 in 1983 that had been thrashed, "restored" it and drove it for a couple years. I sold the '73 after I joined the USAF. I would buy a '71 Boss or Mach 1 or a '72 Mach 1 as a stable mate for the convertible if I ran across the right one.
  4. Sounds like you found the right guy. The hobby and the profession need people exactly like him. Congrats on the results!
  5. Welcome and thanks for sharing your story. You'll find a lot of help and advice here. Best of luck with your resto and don't get discouraged.
  6. Just west of San Antonio. FYI, the Mustang Owner's Club of Austin is holding a show in Georgetown Sept 25th if you're up for a drive. I don't know what kind of turn out they get but I may drive up to check is out.
  7. That placement is off, but I'm not a fan of the stripes on the back of convertibles.
  8. Works now! Engine sounds great--congratulations!
  9. Excellent write-up! I'm envious of your adventure. This picture is postcard worthy:
  10. Welcome! Great looking Mach!
  11. Welcome! It looks like you're doing a great job.
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