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  1. In addition to what is mentioned above, do you have the tools for the engine build? Besides the basic hand tools you need an engine stand, torque wrench, and ring compressor. Are the cam bearings installed? Are you going to degree the cam? Do you have a ring filer to gap the piston rings? Assembling an engine isn't difficult if you have a good manual, take your time, pay attention to detail, and seek help here on the forum if you have questions. Messing up a build is easy, too, if you don't do these things.
  2. Didn't the Mercury Cyclones use the 429 CJ also? Not sure what their VIN sequences were.
  3. That's pretty clever! Nice work and thanks for the idea!
  4. +1 what Hemikiller said. Springs support the car, shocks dampen the bounce. Shocks are easy to change and would make a good project for you and your helpers. There is a nut on the top of the shock you access from inside the trunk, and the nut on the bottom where the shock is mounted by the leaf spring. You can see the bushing on your left rear shock is broken and squeezing out. That would account for some of the noise. Air shocks are old technology and today's gas shocks, like the KYBs mentioned above, are much better.
  5. Welcome! Looks and sounds like you have a great project.
  6. That's quite the change! It should be much nicer spending time in the new interior.
  7. I use the 303 Rubber Seal Protectant on the weather stripping on all my cars. Works well and no smell like some silicones have.
  8. Since 1977 when I bought it we've just referred to it as "the '72".
  9. Drive to cruise-ins, weekend drives through the local backroads (I'll have to keep an eye out for EdM!), trips to coffee shops and ice cream shops. Occasionally I'll drive it to work.
  10. Great work! Nice to see someone go to the level of even detailing parts and areas that may not be seen again for years. If you hadn't taken pictures like the ones of the topside of the fuel tank no one but you would ever know the lengths you've gone to on your restoration.
  11. Great work! That kind of progress is always rewarding and satisfying.
  12. Looks like great progress! Her spirit lives on with you in her project.
  13. I followed Geoff's recommendations and am happy with the results. I have no overheating issues with this setup on my '72 Q-code driving in 90°+F here in Texas.
  14. I have had them on my 72 longer than I can recall, probably 12-15 years. They work well, don't require holes or damage the paint, and don't take away from the car's appearance. Kind of pricey, if I remember correctly.
  15. The tire and wheel combination looks good. Amazing they got the tires on the wrong wheels, though. What tire sizes did you go with?
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