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  1. By Engine and Body Body Style L 250-1v F 302 2v H 351 2v Q 351 4v Total Coupe 365 4306 1486 90 6247 Sportsroof 49 1268 1471 298 3086 Convertible 0 50 0 0 50 Total 414 5624 2957 388 9383 Looks like 90 Q code Sprints. Nice find!
  2. Seller fees have gotten out of control so I don't sell any more. I do buy but only for convenience. Living in a small town makes getting certain items a lot easier, and quicker, off eBay. We have no hobby shop so I buy most my parts and RC(remote control) goods off eBay. Last item I sold on eBay was a metal detector I sold for $1,000. Between eBay and Papal fees it cost me over $100.
  3. Some other signs of the early 65(64 1/5) is the heater blower switch OFF is in the center, the big A on the drivers side air vent knob and the right side dash warning light reads GEN and not ALT because they had a generator not an alternator. Two things I look for are the brake light switch in the master cylinder and the large horns mounted on the frame behind the radiator not in front on the radiator support. Rural Kansas is still a great place to find good classic projects but not for long. Just this last week I saw several 67-68 cameros for as low as $3,500, 69- 71 chevelles for the same and I saw a drivable 1970 Mustang Mach 1 for $7,500.
  4. I did pick up a nice early 1965(64 1/2) D code(289 4V) coupe to hold me over. I my search for a new 71-73 project I got this coupe. A 1965 Code auto with AC, PC and Ralley Pac with 80,000 miles. It was an older restore so I need to freshen it up but overall in great. Haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet, thought about a GT350 clone since it already has the rear valance and stripes LOL. The engine was rebuilt 5,000 miles ago when a mild RV cam was also installed.
  5. Thanks! It is a nice car and a head turner for sure, but I'd trade it in a heartbeat for a nice Q code 4 spd LOL
  6. Forgot to add a picture of the interior. Fully optioned from electric everything to the FE7 Gymkhana performance suspension.
  7. I slipped away from my normal mustang restore, because it was a really good deal, and bought this 1982 Corvette Collectors Edition needing some TLC. Now I'm done and after I enter it in the Dodge City Days Classic Car Show this Saturday I will put it up for trade on a good mustang.
  8. ::welcome:: from Kansas
  9. ::welcome:: from Kansas
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